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Verbs Negation Vocabulary
Reading Translation Dictionary
Video Audio Keyboard
Transliteration Radio Game

Macedonian belongs to the Indo-European family, Slavonic group, South Slavonic subgroup and is spoken by over 1.5 million people. Cyrillic script is used. Because there are no clear linguistic divisions that correspond to the geopolitical divisions in the South Slavic language area, there has been considerable dispute regarding recognition and classification of this language. As a matter of fact it was officially recognised in then Yugoslavia as a separate language no earlier than 1943-44.

Modern Macedonian is very closely related to Bulgarian. Like Bulgarian, Macedonian has a definite article that comes after the noun, and has lost the case system from Common Slavic, the language from which it descended (cases have been replaced by prepositions). It is important to note that the translation of the Bible made in the 9th century by Cyril and Methodius (the two monks who invented the Cyrillic alphabet) into a Bulgarian dialect spoken in Macedonia (called ancient Bulgarian or Paleoslavic) represents the most ancient document of all Slavic languages.

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