Macedonian Adverbs

If you're trying to learn Macedonian Adverbs you will find some useful resources including a course about Adverbs of time place manner and frequency... to help you with your Macedonian grammar. Try to concentrate on the lesson and notice the pattern that occurs each time the word changes its place. Also don't forget to check the rest of our other lessons listed on Learn Macedonian. Enjoy the rest of the lesson!

Macedonian Adverbs

Learning the Macedonian Adverbs displayed below is vital to the language. Macedonian adverbs are part of speech. Generally they're words that modify any part of language other than a noun. Adverbs can modify verbs, adjectives (including numbers), clauses, sentences and other adverbs.

Grammar Tips:

While in English adverbs are usually formed by adding (-ly) to adjectives. In Macedonian many adverbs are formed from adjectives, simply by adding the suffix -но to the singular feminine form of adjectives. Examples:

бавен (slow) becomes бавно (slowly)

перфектен (perfect) becomes перфектно (perfectly)

However that’s not always the case. Some words are adverbs by nature. For example:

сега (now), навистина (really), and наскоро (soon).

Here are some examples:

English AdverbsMacedonian Adverbs
adverbsprilozi - прилози
I read a book sometimesPonekoga6 4itam kniga - Понекогаш читам книга
I will never smokeЈas nikoga6 nema da pu6am - Јас никогаш нема да пушам
are you alone?Dali ste sami? - Дали сте сами?

Notice the structure of the Adverbs in Macedonian.

List of Adverbs in Macedonian

Below is a list of the Adverbs of time place manner and frequency in Macedonian placed in a table. Memorizing this table will help you add very useful and important words to your Macedonian vocabulary.

English AdverbsMacedonian Adverbs
adverbs of timeprilozi za vreme - прилози за време
yesterdayv4era - вчера
todaydenes - денес
tomorrowutre - утре
nowsega - сега
thenpotoa - потоа
laterpodocna - подоцна
tonightve4erva - вечерва
right nowtokmu sega - токму сега
last nightsinoќa - синоќа
this morningova utro - ова утро
next weekslednata nedela - следната недела
alreadyveќe - веќе
recentlyNeodamna - Неодамна
latelyvo posledno vreme - во последно време
soonnaskoro - наскоро
immediatelyvedna6 - веднаш
stillu6te - уште
yetu6te - уште
agopred - пред
adverbs of placeprilozi za mesto - прилози за место
heretuka - тука
theretamu - таму
over theretamu - таму
everywheresekade - секаде
anywherebilo kade - било каде
nowherenikade - никаде
homedoma - дома
awaydaleku - далеку
outnadvor - надвор
adverbs of mannerprilozi za na4in - прилози за начин
verymnogu - многу
quitedosta - доста
prettyprili4no - прилично
reallynavistina - навистина
fastbrzo - брзо
welldobro - добро
hardte6ko - тешко
quicklybrzo - брзо
slowlybavno - бавно
carefullyvnimatelno - внимателно
hardlyte6ko - тешко
barelyedvaј - едвај
mostlypretejno - претежно
almostre4isi - речиси
absolutelyapsolutno - апсолутно
togetherzaedno - заедно
alonesam - сам
adverbs of frequencyprilozi za za4estenost - прилози за зачестеност
alwayssekoga6 - секогаш
frequently4esto - често
usuallyobi4no - обично
sometimesponekoga6 - понекогаш
occasionallypovremeno - повремено
seldomretko - ретко
rarelyretko - ретко
nevernikoga6 - никогаш

Adverbs of time place manner and frequency have a very important role in Macedonian. Once you're done with Macedonian Adverbs, you might want to check the rest of our Macedonian lessons here: Learn Macedonian. Don't forget to bookmark this page.





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