Macedonian Feminine

If you're trying to learn Macedonian Feminine you will find out that Macedonian actually doesn't have a gender. So there is no masculine or feminine... But you still need to know how to deal with that fact. Below are some tips and examples. Also don't forget to check the rest of our other lessons listed on Learn Macedonian. Enjoy the rest of the lesson!

Macedonian Gender

As we mentioned before, there is no Macedonian gender which is good news (compared to other languages).

While in English it is known that feminine refers to female qualities attributed specifically to women and girls or things considered feminine. The complement to feminine is masculine. In Macedonian, nouns are not masculine, feminine, they might be all considered "neutral".

Grammar Tips:
There are no genders in Macedonian, no feminine and no masculine. Bit it does, however, have rules for forming nouns from verbs, from adjectives etc.

Here are some examples:

English GenderMacedonian Gender
FeminineJenski - Женски
he is happytoј e sreќen - тој е среќен
she is happytaa e sreќna - таа е среќна
he is Americantoј e amerikanec - тој е американец
she is Americantaa e amerikanka - таа е американка
manmaj - маж
womanjena - жена
fathertatko - татко
mothermaјka - мајка
brotherbrat - брат
sistersestra - сестра
uncle4i4ko - чичко
aunttetka - тетка
bullbik - бик
cowkrava - крава
boymom4e - момче
girldevoјka - девојка

As you can see from the example above, there is no structure of the Feminine in Macedonian.

Gender in Macedonian

Below are examples of some vocabulary words that you can try to memorize to help you boost your vocabulary.

English VocabularyMacedonian Vocabulary
objectsobјekti - објекти
bathroombaњa - бања
bedkrevet - кревет
bedroomspalna soba - спална соба
ceilingplafon - плафон
chairstol - стол
clothesobleka - облека
coatpalto - палто
cup4a6a - чаша
deskbiro - биро
dressfustan - фустан
floorpod - под
forkvilu6ka - вилушка
furnituremebel - мебел
glassstaklo - стакло
hat7apka - Шапка
housekuќa - куќа
inkmastilo - мастило
jacketјakna - јакна
kitchenkuјna - кујна
knifenoj - нож
lamplamba - ламба
letterpismo - писмо
mapmapa - мапа
newspapervesnik - весник
notebookBelejnik - Бележник
pantspantoloni - пантолони
paperhartiјa - хартија
penpenkalo - пенкало
pencilmoliv - молив
pharmacyapteka - аптека
pictureslika - слика
plate4iniјa (za јadeњe) - чинија (за јадење)
refrigeratorladilnik - ладилник
restaurantrestoran - ресторан
roofpokriv - покрив
roomsoba - соба
rug4erga - черга
scissorsnojici - ножици
shampoo6ampon - шампон
shirtko6ula - кошула
shoes4evli - чевли
soapsapun - сапун
socks4orapi - чорапи
spoonlajica - лажица
tablemasa - маса
toilettoalet - тоалет
toothbrush4etka za zabi - четка за заби
toothpastepasta za zabi - паста за заби
towelkrpa - крпа
umbrella4ador - чадор
underweardolna obleka - долна облека
wallѕid - ѕид
walletpari4nik - паричник
windowprozorec - прозорец
telephonetelefon - телефон

Feminine and Masculine are absent from Macedonian, therefore they don't need very special attention. Once you're done with Macedonian gender lesson, you might want to check the rest of our Macedonian lessons here: Learn Macedonian. Don't forget to bookmark this page.





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