Marathi Verbs

If you're trying to learn Marathi Verbs you will find some useful resources including a course about Verbs in the present past and future tense... to help you with your Marathi grammar. Try to concentrate on the lesson and notice the pattern that occurs each time the word changes its place. Also don't forget to check the rest of our other lessons listed on Learn Marathi. Enjoy the rest of the lesson!

Marathi Verbs

Learning the Marathi Verbs is very important because its structure is used in every day conversation. The more you master it the more you get closer to mastering the Marathi language. But first we need to know what the role of Verbs is in the structure of the grammar in Marathi.

Marathi verbs are words that convey action (bring, read, walk, run), or a state of being (exist, stand). In most languages a verb may agree with the person, gender, and/or number of some of its arguments, such as its subject, or object.

Grammar Tips:

-       Present Tense

In Marathi, verbs take the following endings to form the present tense:

            Aahe, To, Te

I am playing cricket : Me cricket khelate aahe. (feminine)

                                   Me cricket khelato aahe (masculine)

-       Past Tense

In Marathi as well as in English the simple past tense (imperfect) is used to describe past events. The endings for the past tense verbs are: Hoto, hote, O, le, li. Example(feminine/masculine): gele/gelo/geli, khelat hoto/hote, gadi sutali

I played cricket: Me cricket khelale (feminine)

                          Me cricket khelalo (masculine)

I was playing cricket: Me cricket khelat hoto/hote.

-       Future Tense

To form the future in Marathi it’s very easy, just use the whole infinitive verb plus these following ending: een, eel Example: jaeen, kareen, yesheel

I will play tomorrow:  Me udya kheleen.

Here are some examples:

English VerbsMarathi Verbs
Verbski`yapado - कि`यापदो
Pastbhutkal - भूतकाळ
I spokemi baolalao - मी बाोललाो
I wrotemi lihilo - मी लिहिलो
I drovemi gadi chalavali - मी गाडी चालविली
I lovedmi p`om kolo - मी प`ोम कोलो
I gavemi idalo - मी ीदलो
I smiledmi hasalao - मी हसलाो
I tookmi ghotalo - मी घोतलो
he spoketao baolala - ताो बाोलला
he wrotetyano lihilo - tयानो लिहिलो
he drovetyano gadi chalavali - tयानो गाडी चालविली
he lovedtyano p`om kolo - tयानो प`ोम कोलो
he gavetyano idalo - tयानो ीदलो
he smiledtao hasala - ताो हसला
he tooktyano ghotalo - tयानो घोतलो
we spokeaamhi baolalao - अाmही बाोललाो
we wroteaamhi lihilo - अाmही लिहिलो
we droveaamhi gadi chalavali - अाmही गाडी चालविली
we lovedaamhi p`om kolo - अाmही प`ोम कोलो
we gaveaamhi idalo - अाmही ीदलो
we smiledaamhi hasalao - अाmही हसलाो
we tookaamhi ghotalo - अाmही घोतलो
Futurebhavishayakal - भविषयकाळ
I will speakmi baolon - मी बाोलोन
I will writemi lihin - मी लिहीन
I will drivemi gadi chalavin - मी गाडी चालवीन
I will lovemi p`om karon - मी प`ोम करोन
I will givemi दोइँन - मी दोइँन
I will smilemi hason - मी हसोन
I will takemi घोइँन - मी घोइँन
he will speaktao baolol - ताो बाोलोल
he will writeto lihil - तो लिहील
he will drivetao gadi chalavol. - ताो गाडी चालवोल.
he will lovetao p`om karol - ताो प`ोम करोल
he will givetao दोइँल - ताो दोइँल
he will smiletao hasol - ताो हसोल
he will taketao घोइँल - ताो घोइँल
we will speakaamhi baolu - अाmही बाोलू
we will writeaamhi lihu - अाmही लिहू
we will driveaamhi gadi chalavu - अाmही गाडी चालवू
we will loveaamhi p`om kar} - अाmही प`ोम कर}
we will giveaamhi douu - अाmही दोउु
we will smileaamhi hasu - अाmही हसू
we will takeaamhi ghouu - अाmही घोउु
Presentवतँमानकाळ - वतँमानकाळ
I speakmi baolatao - मी बाोलताो
I writemi lihitao - मी लिहिताो
I drivemi gadi chalavitao - मी गाडी चालविताो
I lovemi p`om karatao - मी प`ोम करताो
I givemi dotao - मी दोताो
I smilemi hasatao - मी हसताो
I takemi ghotao - मी घोताो
he speakstao baolatao - ताो बाोलताो
he writestao lihitao - ताो लिहिताो
he drivestao gadi chalavitao - ताो गाडी चालविताो
he lovestao p`om karatao - ताो प`ोम करताो
he givestao dotao - ताो दोताो
he smilestao hasatao - ताो हसताो
he takestao ghotao - ताो घोताो
we speakaamhi baolatao - अाmही बाोलताो
we writeaamhi lihitao - अाmही लिहिताो
we driveaamhi gadi chalavitao - अाmही गाडी चालविताो
we loveaamhi p`om karatao - अाmही प`ोम करताो
we giveaamhi dotao - अाmही दोताो
we smileaamhi hasatao - अाmही हसताो
we takeaamhi ghotao - अाmही घोताो

Notice the structure of the Verbs in Marathi.

List of Verbs in Marathi

Below is a list of the conjugated Verbs in the present past and future in Marathi placed in a table. Memorizing this table will help you add very useful and important words to your Marathi vocabulary.

English VerbsMarathi Verbs
I can accept thatmi to svikar} shakatao - मी तो sवीकार} शकताो
she added ittino tyachi bhar ghatali - तिनो tयाची भर घातली
we admit itaamhi to kabul karatao - अाmही तो कबूल करताो
they advised himtyanni tyala sila idala - tयांनी tयाला सीला ीदला
I can agree with thatmi tyachayashi sahamat haouu shakatao - मी tयाछयाशी सहमत हाोउु शकताो
she allows itti tyasathi parvangi doto - ती tयासाठी परवानगी दोतो
we announce itaamhi to jahir karatao - अाmही तो जाहीर करताो
I can apologizemi mafi magu shakatao - मी माफी मागू शकताो
she appears todayti aaj idasato - ती अाज ीदसतो
they arranged thattyanni tyachi vyavastha koli - tयांनी tयाची vयवsथा कोली
I can arrive tomorrowmi ugha paohaochu shakatao - मी उघा पाोहाोचू शकताो
she can ask himti tyala vichar} shakato - ती tयाला विचार} शकतो
she attaches thatti to jaodato - ती तो जाोडतो
we attack themaamhi tyanchayavar hila karatao - अाmही tयांछयावर हीला करताो
they avoid herto tila taltat - तो तिला टाळतात
I can bake itmi to bhaju shakatao - मी तो भाजू शकताो
she is like himti tyachayasarakhi aaho - ती tयाछयासारखी अाहो
we beat itaamhi tyala maratao - अाmही tयाला मारताो
they became happyto aanandi zalo - तो अानंदी झालो
I can begin thatmi tyachi suruvat kar} shakatao - मी tयाची सुरुवात कर} शकताो
we borrowed moneyaamhi paiso usano ghotalo - अाmही पैसो उसनो घोतलो
they breathe airto Svasaochachha\was kartat - तो Sवासाोछछ\वास करतात
I can bring itmi to aanu shakatao - मी तो अाणू शकताो
I can build thatmi to bandhu shakatao - मी तो बांधू शकताो
she buys foodti ann vikat ghoto - ती अnन विकत घोतो
we calculate itaamhi tyachi aakadomaod karatao - अाmही tयाची अाकडोमाोड करताो
they carry itto (ti vstu) baraobar ghotat - तो (ती वsतु) बराोबर घोतात
they don't cheatto fasavat nahit - तो फसवत नाहीत
she chooses himti tyachi nivad karto - ती tयाची निवड करतो
we close itaamhi to band karatao - अाmही तो बंद करताो
he comes heretao itho yotao - ताो इथो योताो
I can compare thatmi tyachi tulana kar} shakatao - मी tयाची तुलना कर} शकताो
she competes with meti maJyabaraobar spadan karto - ती माJयाबराोबर sपधाँ करतो
we complain about itaamhi tab_l tak`ar karatao - अाmही tयाब_ल तक`ार करताो
they continued readingtyanni vachan chalu thovalo - tयांनी वाचन चालू ठोवलो
he cried about thattab_l tao radla - tयाब_ल ताो रडला
I can decide nowmi aata tharavu shakatao - मी अाता ठरवू शकताो
she described it to metino tyacho वणँन maJyakado kolo - तिनो tयाचो वणँन माJयाकडो कोलो
we disagree about itaamhi tyababatit sahamat nahi aahaot - अाmही tयाबाबतीत सहमत नाही अाहाोत
they disappeared quicklyto tvarit adruSya zalo - तो tवरित अदृSय झालो
I discovered thatmala to sapadalo - मला तो सापडलो
she dislikes thattila to aavadat nahi - तिला तो अावडत नाही
we do itaamhi to karatao - अाmही तो करताो
they dream about itto tyacho svpn pahatat - तो tयाचो sवpन पहातात
I earnedmi milavilo - मी मिळविलो
he eats a lottao khup khatao - ताो खूप खाताो
we enjoyed thataamhala tyachi maja aali - अाmहाला tयाची मजा अाली
they entered heretyanni itho p`vosh kola - tयांनी इथो प`वोश कोला
he escaped thattao tyatun sutala - ताो tयातून सुटला
I can explain thatmi to samajavu shakatao - मी तो समजावू शकताो
she feels that tootila सुॢा tasoch vatato - तिला सुॢा तसोच वाटतो
we fled from thereaamhi tithun palalao - अाmही तिथून पळालाो
they will fly tomorrowto ugha vimanano jatil - तो उघा विमानानो जातील
I can follow youmi tumachayamagun youu shakatao - मी तुमछयामागून योउु शकताो
she forgot meti mala visarli - ती मला विसरली
we forgive himaamhi tyala bhama karatao - अाmही tयाला भमा करताो
I can give her thatmi tila to douu shakatao - मी तिला तो दोउु शकताो
she goes thereti titho jato - ती तिथो जातो
we greeted themaamhi tyancho svagat kolo - अाmही tयांचो sवागत कोलो
I hate thatmala tyacha tirskar aaho - मला tयाचा तिरsकार अाहो
I can hear itmala to yaku yoto - मला तो यकू योतो
she imagine thatti tyachi kipana karto - ती tयाची कीपना करतो
we invited themaamhi tyanna aamannyan idalo - अाmही tयांना अामंञाण ीदलो
I know himmi tyala aaolakhatao - मी tयाला अाोळखताो
she learned ittila to kalalo - तिला तो कळलो
we leave nowaamhi aata nighatao - अाmही अाता निघताो
they lied about himtyanni tyachayab_l khaoto sangitalo - tयांनी tयाछयाब_ल खाोटो सांगितलो
I can listen to thatmi to yoku shakatao - मी तो योकू शकताो
she lost thattino to haravalo - तिनो तो हरवलो
we made it yesterdayaamhi to kal kolo - अाmही तो काल कोलो
they met himto tyala bhotalo - तो tयाला भोटलो
I misspell thatmi to chukicho lihilo - मी तो चुकीचो लिहिलो
I always praymi nohami p`ाथँना karatao - मी नोहमी प`ाथँना करताो
she prefers thattila to adhik pasant aaho - तिला तो अधिक पसंत अाहो
we protected themaamhi tyancho rabhan kolo - अाmही tयांचो रभण कोलो
they will punish herto tila shibha kartil - तो तिला शिभा करतील
I can put it theremi to titho thovu shakatao - मी तो तिथो ठोवू शकताो
she will read itti to vachol - ती तो वाचोल
we received thataamhala to milalo - अाmहाला तो मिळालो
they refuse to talkto baolayala nakaar dotat - तो बाोलायला नकार दोतात
I remember thatmala to aathavato - मला तो अाठवतो
she repeats thatti tyacha punaruchachar karto - ती tयाचा पुनरुछचार करतो
we see itaamhala to idasato - अाmहाला तो ीदसतो
they sell itto tyachi vik`i kartat - तो tयाची विक`ी करतात
I sent that yesterdaymi to kal pathavilo - मी तो काल पाठविलो
he shaved his beardtyano tyachi dadhi kadhun takali - tयानो tयाची दाढी काढून टाकली
it shrunk quicklyto tvarit aakunchan pavalo - तो tवरित अाकुंचन पावलो
we will sing itaamhi to gauu - अाmही तो गाउु
they sat thereto titho basalo - तो तिथो बसलो
I can speak itmi to baolu shakatao - मी तो बाोलू शकताो
she spends moneyti paiso khachn karto - ती पैसो खचँ करतो
we suffered from thataamhala tyacha nyaas zala - अाmहाला tयाचा ञाास झाला
they suggest thatto tashi suchana kartat - तो तशी सूचना करतात
I surprised himmi tyala aaSचयाँचा dhakka idala - मी tयाला अाSचयाँचा धकका ीदला
she took thattino to ghotalo - तिनो तो घोतलो
we teach itaamhi to shikavitao - अाmही तो शिकविताो
they told ustyanni aamhala sangitalo - tयांनी अाmहाला सांगितलो
she thanked himtino tyacho aabhar manalo - तिनो tयाचो अाभार मानलो
I can think about itmi tyababat vichar kar} shakatao - मी tयाबाबत विचार कर} शकताो
she threw ittino to fokalo - तिनो तो फोकलो
we understand thataamhala to kalato - अाmहाला तो कळतो
they want thattyanna to pahijo aaho - tयांना तो पाहिजो अाहो
I can wear itmi to ghalu shakatao - मी तो घालू शकताो
she writes thatti to lihito - ती तो लिहितो
we talk about itaamhi tab_l baolatao - अाmही tयाब_ल बाोलताो
they have ittyanchayakado to aaho - tयांछयाकडो तो अाहो
I watched itmi to pahilo - मी तो पाहिलो
I will talk about itmi tab_l baolon - मी tयाब_ल बाोलोन
he bought that yesterdaytyano to kal vikat ghotalo - tयानो तो काल विकत घोतलो
we finished itaamhi to sanpavilo - अाmही तो संपविलो

Verbs in the present past and future tense have a very important role in Marathi. Once you're done with Marathi Verbs, you might want to check the rest of our Marathi lessons here: Learn Marathi. Don't forget to bookmark this page.




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