Greek Plural

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Greek Plural

Learning the Greek Plural displayed below is vital to the language. Greek Plurals are grammatical numbers, typically referring to more than one of the referent in the real world. In the English language, singular and plural are the only grammatical numbers.

Grammar Tips:

While in English, the plural is formed by adding (s) to the singular. In Greek, to form the plural of nouns we have to take into account the gender of the word and change the singular suffix accordingly. Here are some examples for each gender:


-ος becomes –οι, for example: ένας φίλος (one friend) becomes δύο φίλοι (two friends)

-ής ές, ένας μαθητής (one pupil) becomes δύο μαθητές

-ας –ες, ένας αγώνας (one race) becomes δύο αγώνες

-ούς –ούδες, ένας παππούς becomes (one grandfather) δύο παππούδες

-ές –έδες, ένας καφές (one coffee) becomes δύο καφέδες


-ηες, for example: μία κόρη (one daughter) becomes δύο κόρες (two daughters)

-α –ες, μία χώρα (one country) becomes δύο χώρες

-ος –οι, μία οδός (one street) becomes δύο οδοί

-ού, -ούδες, μία αλεπού (one fox) becomes δύο αλεπούδες


-ο –α, ένα δώρο (one gift) becomes δύο δώρα

-ι –ια, ένα παιδί (one child) becomes δύο παιδιά

-μα –ματα, ένα σώμα (one body) becomes δύο σώματα

-ος –η, ένα δάσος (one forest) becomes δύο δάση

-ας –ατα, ένα τέρας (one monster) becomes δύο τέρατα

Note that these rules only apply to the Nominative case of nouns. The other three cases (Genitive, Accusative and Vocative) have their own suffixes.

Here are some examples:

English PluralGreek Plural
PluralPlhthyntikos - Πληθυντικός
my bookto vivlio mou - το βιβλίο μου
my booksta vivlia mou - τα βιβλία μου
our daughterH korh mas - Η κόρη μας
our daughtersoi kores mas - οι κόρες μας
I'm coldKrywnw - Κρυώνω
we're coldKrywnoume - Κρυώνουμε
his chickensOi kotes tou - Οι κότες του
their chickenTa kotopoula tous - Τα κοτόπουλά τους

Notice the structure of the Plural in Greek.

List of Plurals in Greek

Below is a list of the Plurals and Singulars in Greek placed in a table. Memorizing this table will help you add very useful and important words to your Greek vocabulary.

English PluralGreek Plural
alligatoralligatoras - αλλιγάτορας
alligatorsalligatores - αλλιγάτορες
beararkoyda - αρκούδα
bearsarkoydes - αρκούδες
birdpthno - pouli - πτηνο - πουλί
birdspthna - poulia - πτηνά - πουλιά
bulltayros - ταύρος
bullstayroi - ταύροι
catgata - γάτα
catsgates - γάτες
cowagelada - αγελάδα
cowsagelades - αγελάδες
deerelafi - ελάφι
many deerpolla elafia - πολλά ελάφια
dogskylos - σκύλος
dogsskyloi - σκύλοι
donkeygaidaros - γάιδαρος
donkeysgaidoyria - γαϊδούρια
eagleaetos - αετός
eaglesaetoi - αετοί
elephantelefantas - ελέφαντας
elephantselefantes - ελέφαντες
giraffekamhlopardalh - καμηλοπάρδαλη
giraffeskamhlopardaleis - καμηλοπαρδάλεις
goatkatsika - aiga - κατσικα - αιγα
goatskatsikes - aiges - κατσικες - αιγες
horsealogo - άλογο
horsesaloga - άλογα
lionliontari - λιοντάρι
lionsliontaria - λιοντάρια
monkeymaimoy - μαϊμού
monkeysmaimoydes - μαιμούδες
mousepontiki - ποντίκι
micepontikia - ποντίκια
rabbitkouneli - κουνέλι
rabbitskounelia - κουνέλια
snakefidi - φίδι
snakesfidia - φίδια
tigertigrh - τίγρη
tigerstigreis - τίγρεις
wolflykos - λύκος
wolveslykoi - λύκοι

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