Greek Negation

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Greek Negation

Learning the Greek Negation displayed below is vital to the language. Greek negation is the process that turns an affirmative statement (I am happy) into its opposite denial (I am not happy).

Grammar Tips:

In Greek, negation can be made simply by placing "δεν" before the main verb. But sometimes a double negative is required. "Δεν" is the most common negative.

Δεν μπορώ να το κάνω. (I can't do this). 

Δεν έχουν τίποτα να κάνουν. (they don't have anything to do – Double Negative). 

Δεν το θέλω. (I don't want it)

Here are some examples:

English NegationGreek Negation
NegationArnhsh - Άρνηση
he is not hereden einai edw - δεν είναι εδώ
that is not my bookafto den einai to vivlio mou - αυτο δεν ειναι το βιβλίο μου
do not enterMhn eiserrxesthe - Μην εισερρχεσθε

Notice the structure of the Negation in Greek.

List of Negation in Greek

Below is a list of the Negation and negative expressions in Greek placed in a table. Memorizing this table will help you add very useful and important words to your Greek vocabulary.

English NegationGreek Negation
I don't speakDe milw - Δε μιλώ
I don't write den grafw - δεν γράφω
I don't driveDen odhgw - Δεν οδηγώ
I don't loveDen agapw - Δεν αγαπώ
I don't giveDen dinw - Δεν δίνω
I don't smileDen xamogelw - Δεν χαμογελώ
I don't takeDen pairnw - Δεν παίρνω
he doesn't speakaftos den mila - αυτός δεν μιλά
he doesn't writeaftos den grafei - αυτός δεν γράφει
he doesn't driveaftos den odhgei - αυτος δεν οδηγεί
he doesn't loveaftos den agapa - αυτός δεν αγαπά
he doesn't giveaftos den dinei - αυτός δεν δίνει
he doesn't smileaftos den xamogela - αυτος δεν χαμογελά
he doesn't takeaftos den lamvanei - αυτός δεν λαμβάνει
we don't speakden milame - δεν μιλάμε
we don't writeDen grafoume - Δεν γράφουμε
we don't driveden odhgoyme - δεν οδηγούμε
we don't loveden agapoyme - δεν αγαπούμε
we don't giveden dinoume - δεν δίνουμε
we don't smileden xamogeloyme - δεν χαμογελούμε
we don't takeden lamvanoume - δεν λαμβάνουμε

Negation and negative expressions have a very important role in Greek. Once you're done with Greek Negation, you might want to check the rest of our Greek lessons here: Learn Greek. Don't forget to bookmark this page.





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