Greek Articles

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Greek Articles

Learning the Greek Articles displayed below is vital to the language. Greek articles are words that combine with a noun to indicate the type of reference being made by the noun. Generally articles specify the grammatical definiteness of the noun. Examples are "the, a, and an".

Grammar Tips:

Definite Article:

Unlike English, which has only one definite article “the", Greek has 3 definite articles and their corresponding plural forms:

                                    Singular                                   Plural

Masculine                    o πατέρας (the father)                        οι πατέρες (the fathers)

Feminine                     η μητέρα (the mother)                        οι μητέρες (the mothers)

Neuter                         το παιδί (the child)                  τα παιδιά (the children)


Indefinite Article:

While we have (a / an) in English as indefinite articles, we also have ένας / μία / ένα in Greek .

In general, whenever (a, an) are used in English you, you need to use (ένας), (μία) or (ένα) to say the equivalent in Greek.


ένας άνδρας (a man)

μία γυναίκα (a woman)

ένα σπίτι (a house)

Here are some examples:

English ArticlesGreek Articles
articlesarthra - άρθρα
theo - ο
aena - ένα
oneenas - ένας
someperipou - περίπου
fewligoi - λίγοι
the bookto vivlio - το βιβλίο
the booksta vivlia - τα βιβλία
a bookena vivlio - ένα βιβλίο
one bookena vivlio - ένα βιβλίο
some bookskapoia vivlia - κάποια βιβλία
few booksmerika vivlia - μερικά βιβλία

Notice the structure of the Articles in Greek.

List of Articles in Greek

Below is a list of vocabulary where you can use the Definite and Indefinite Articles in Greek. Try to practice but also memorizing this table will help you add very useful and important words to your Greek vocabulary.

English VocabularyGreek Vocabulary
Foodtrofh - τροφή
almondsamygdala - αμύγδαλα
breadpswmi - ψωμί
breakfastprwino - πρωινό
buttervoytyro - βούτυρο
candykaramela - καραμέλα
cheesetyri - τυρί
chickenkotopoulo - κοτόπουλο
cuminkymino - κύμινο
dessertepidorpio - επιδόρπιο
dinnerdeipno - δείπνο
fishpsari - ψάρι
fruitkarpos - καρπός
ice creampagwto - παγωτό
lambarni - αρνί
lemonlemoni - λεμόνι
lunchmeshmeriano - μεσημεριανό
mealgeyma - γεύμα
meatkreas - κρέας
ovenfoyrnos - φούρνος
pepperpiperi - πιπέρι
plantsfyta - φυτά
porkxoirino - χοιρινό
saladsalata - σαλάτα
saltalati - αλάτι
sandwichsantouits - σάντουιτς
sausageloukaniko - λουκάνικο
soupsoypa - σούπα
sugarzaxarh - ζάχαρη
supperdeipno - δείπνο
turkeygalopoyla - γαλοπούλα
applemhlo - μήλο
bananabanana - μπανάνα
orangesportokalia - πορτοκάλια
peachesrodakina - ροδάκινα
peanutfystiki - φυστίκι
pearsaxladia - αχλάδια
pineappleananas - ανανάς
grapesstafylia - σταφύλια
strawberriesfraoules - φράουλες
vegetableslaxanika - λαχανικά
carrotkaroto - καρότο
cornkalampoki - καλαμπόκι
cucumberaggoyri - αγγούρι
garlicskordo - σκόρδο
lettucemaroyli - μαρούλι
oliveselies - ελιές
onionskremmydia - κρεμμύδια
pepperspiperies - πιπεριές
potatoespatates - πατάτες
pumpkinkolokythi - κολοκύθι
beansfasolia - φασόλια
tomatoesdomates - ντομάτες

Definite and Indefinite Articles have a very important role in Greek. Once you're done with Greek Articles, you might want to check the rest of our Greek lessons here: Learn Greek. Don't forget to bookmark this page.





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