Urdu Feminine

If you're trying to learn Urdu Feminine you will find some useful resources including a course about genders: Feminine and Masculine... to help you with your Urdu grammar. Try to concentrate on the lesson and notice the pattern that occurs each time the word changes its place. Also don't forget to check the rest of our other lessons listed on Learn Urdu. Enjoy the rest of the lesson!

Urdu Feminine

Learning the Urdu Feminine is very important because its structure is used in every day conversation. The more you master it the more you get closer to mastering the Urdu language. But first we need to know what the role of Feminine is in the structure of the grammar in Urdu.

Urdu feminine refers to female qualities attributed specifically to women and girls or things considered feminine. The complement to feminine is masculine. Here are some examples:

English FeminineUrdu Feminine
Femininemeones - مونث
he is happyoh kheosh hai - وہ خوش ہے
she is happyoh kheosh hai - وہ خوش ہے
he is Americanoh amereykey hai - وہ امریکی ہے
she is Americanoh amereykey hai - وہ امریکی ہے
manademey - آدمی
woman'eoret - عورت
fatheroaled - والد
motherman - ماں
brotherbeha'iy - بھائی
sisterbehen - بہن
unclechecha - چچا
auntkhalehe, peheopehey, chechey - خالہ، پھوپھی، چچی
bullbeyl - بیل
cowgua'iai - گائے
boyleṛeka - لڑکا
girlleṛekey - لڑکی

Notice the structure of the Feminine in Urdu.

List of Feminine in Urdu

Below is a list of objects, can you determine whether they're feminine, masculine or plural in Urdu? Memorizing this table will also help you add very useful and important words to your Urdu vocabulary.

English VocabularyUrdu Vocabulary
objectsasheya' - اشیاء
bathroomghesel khaneh - غسل خانہ
bedbeseter - بستر
bedroomkheoabeguah - خوابگاہ
ceilinganedereoney chehet - اندرونی چھت
chairkeresey - کرسی
clotheslebas - لباس
coatkeoṭ - کوٹ
cupkep - کپ
deskmeyz - میز
dresslebas - لباس
floorferesh - فرش
forkkaneṭa - کانٹا
furniturefereneycher - فرنیچر
glasssheysheh - شیشہ
hatchehejai dar ṭeopey - چھجّے دار ٹوپی
housemekan - مکان
inkseyahey - سیاہی
jacketjeykeṭ - جیکٹ
kitchenbaorechey khaneh - باورچی خانہ
knifecheherey - چھری
lamplaleṭeyn - لالٹین
letterkhete, meraseleh - خط، مراسلہ
mapneqesheh - نقشہ
newspaperakhebar - اخبار
notebookneoṭ bek - نوٹ بک
pantspeteleoneyn - پتلونیں
paperkaghedh - کاغذ
penqelem - قلم
pencilpenesel - پنسل
pharmacydeoakhaneh - دواخانہ
pictureteṣeoyr - تصویر
platetesheterey - طشتری
refrigeratorreyfereyjereyṭer - ریفریجریٹر
restaurantte'am guah - طعام گاہ
roofchehet - چھت
roomkemereh - کمرہ
rugmeoṭai reo'iyn ka ghaleycheh - موٹے روئیں کا غالیچہ
scissorsqeynechey - قینچی
shampoosheymepeo - شیمپو
shirtqemeyz̤ - قمیض
shoesjeotai - جوتے
soapṣaben - صابن
socksjerabeyn - جرابیں
spoonchemecheh - چمچہ
tablemeyz - میز
toiletleyṭereyne/teharet khaneh - لیٹرین/طہارت خانہ
toothbrushdaneteon ka beresh - دانتوں کا برش
toothpasteṭeotepeyseṭ - ٹوتپیسٹ
towelteoleyh - تولیہ
umbrellacheheterey - چھتری
underwearzeyrejameh - زیرجامہ
walldeyoar - دیوار
walletbeṭeoa - بٹوا
windowkeheṛekey - کھڑکی
telephoneṭeyley feon - ٹیلی فون

Feminine and Masculine have a very important role in Urdu. Once you're done with Urdu Feminine, you might want to check the rest of our Urdu lessons here: Learn Urdu. Don't forget to bookmark this page.





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