Tajik Negation

If you're trying to learn Tajik Negation you will find some useful resources including a course about Negation and negative expressions... to help you with your Tajik grammar. Try to concentrate on the lesson and notice the pattern that occurs each time the word changes its place. Also don't forget to check the rest of our other lessons listed on Learn Tajik. Enjoy the rest of the lesson!

Tajik Negation

Learning the Tajik Negation is very important because its structure is used in every day conversation. The more you master it the more you get closer to mastering the Tajik language. But first we need to know what the role of Negation is in the structure of the grammar in Tajik.

Tajik negation is the process that turns an affirmative statement (I am happy) into its opposite denial (I am not happy). Here are some examples:

English NegationTajik Negation
Negationçavobi manfī - çавоби манфӣ
he is not hereӯ dar inço nyest - ӯ дар инçо нест
that is not my bookin kitobi man nyest - ин китоби ман нест
do not enternadaroyed - надароед

Notice the structure of the Negation in Tajik.

List of Negation in Tajik

Below is a list of the Negation and negative expressions in Tajik placed in a table. Memorizing this table will help you add very useful and important words to your Tajik vocabulary.

English NegationTajik Negation
I don't speakman gap namyezanam - ман гап намезанам
I don't writeman namyenavisam - ман наменависам
I don't driveman namyeronam - ман намеронам
I don't loveman dӯst namyedoram - ман дӯст намедорам
I don't giveman namyediham - ман намедиҳам
I don't smileman tabassoom namyekoonam - ман табассум намекунам
I don't takeman namyegiram - ман намегирам
he doesn't speakvay gap namyezanad - вай гап намезанад
he doesn't writevay namyenavisad - вай наменависад
he doesn't drivevay namyeronad - вай намеронад
he doesn't lovevay dӯst namyedorad - вай дӯст намедорад
he doesn't givevay namyedihad - вай намедиҳад
he doesn't smilevay tabassoom namyekoonad - вай табассум намекунад
he doesn't takevay namyegirad - вай намегирад
we don't speakmo gap namyezanyem - мо гап намезанем
we don't writemo namyenavisyem - мо наменависем
we don't drivemo namyeronyem - мо намеронем
we don't lovemo dӯst namyedoryem - мо дӯст намедорем
we don't givemo namyedihyem - мо намедиҳем
we don't smilemo tabassoom namyekoonyem - мо табассум намекунем
we don't takemo namyegiryem - мо намегирем

Negation and negative expressions have a very important role in Tajik. Once you're done with Tajik Negation, you might want to check the rest of our Tajik lessons here: Learn Tajik. Don't forget to bookmark this page.





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