Converter Cleaner

After you got your text generated into latin, now you need to clean up some of its letters to make it more accurate.

Latin Character Cleaner

This page can only be used after getting the generated text from the Romanization page.
Paste here only the Latin text, not the foreign script.

Please note that this does not work on a "Chrome" browser. If you're using Chrome, try to open this page with Internet Explorer or Firefox or Safari.

Why Cleanup? Many languages (such as Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, Urdu ...) choose to omit some of their vowels, because they assume the reader already know the word without the vowels. For example let's assume you speak one of those languages. If I write Brkly. You would understand I meant Berkely, therefore most words lose many of their vowels (because it's assumed you know the word without them), that's why we need the clean up the document you generated from the previous page by adding some of the missed vowels.

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