Which Language Should I Learn?

Many people ask the question what is the most important language to learn? In that regard, any languages can be considered important to learn depending on your purpose for learning it. Whatever language can boost your career, or bring you the most pleasure and fun can be considered the best and most important. But most people mean by this question the following: what language could boost my career?, and increase my salary. Below are some candidates, for a good reason. However you need to consider other factors that might make a language especially important for YOU. Make your choice of what language you need to learn after reading through this article, you can also comment. Don't forget to bookmark this page!

Best Language to Learn

Overview: The best languages to learn can be determined by common sense, in this case it's supply and demand. If there is a sudden demand for a language, there will be a shortage of speakers. So companies will have to compete over speakers and eventually pay more. Which is good for the those who speak the language.

Best Languages for Translators: Arabic, Pashto and Farsi have seen a great demand recently for political reasons. A translator of these languages can get paid $180.000 per year in certain areas. Pashto is the best paying language right now because of its importance these days and because of the shortage of translators. Arabic comes next, then Farsi. Speaking these languages can help in the intelligence and diplomatical field.

European Languages: Of the European languages French, Spanish, Portugese and German are most widely spoken. German was once considered the premier language for work in technology and science, French for work in diplomacy. Russian was politically important as a power language, but loses out to the difficulties non-Slavic peoples encounter with its extensive phonemes.

Asian Languages: Chinese has more native speakers than any other language. and can be very helpful to learn, however it has so many dialects that frequently one can be better understood in English. Japanese is definitely a necessary language of international commerce, but the Japanese themselves are committed to learning the language(s) of the country where they trade and use English as a default.

In the U.S: If you already speak English, then Spanish is one of the top candidates because of the many jobs requiring Spanish as an additional language. If you live in the Washington DC area, then Arabic, Farsi and Pashto are one of the top ones as well to learn, because of the demand for those languages in the capital of the U.S. considering the current state of world affairs trade and diplomacy which requires the understanding of these languages.

Also you should consider how easy or difficult a language is, especially if you're mainly learning that language for your career. Some languages might take years to learn.

Finally, one thing is certain, no matter how hard or easy a language is, you really need three things that are essential for learning it: adequate and appropriate learning resources, understanding of the way you learn, and passion of learning. And that any language can be important to learn if you know what you are going to use it for, or even for fun.

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It's pretty unlikely China would make English the official language any time soon. They have enough problems making Mandarin the official Chinese language. Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka, Wu etc. are not generally understandable by the speakers of the others. More like different languages than dialects. But there is basically only one written Chinese language.
Posted by Ralph E. Dunsdon on 07/18/10, 9:31 PM
That's a no-brainer. China is the next super-power, so Chinese (Mandarin) is your best bet for the future. Unless China makes English the official language.
Posted by Edmund on 07/17/10, 12:15 AM

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