Scottish Phrases

If you're trying to learn Scottish Phrases which is also called Scots, check our courses about phrases and daily expressions... to help you with your Scottish grammar. Try to concentrate on the lesson and notice the pattern that occurs each time the word changes its place. Also don't forget to check the rest of our other lessons listed on Learn Scottish. Enjoy the rest of the lesson!

Scottish Phrases

Learning the Scottish Phrases is very important because its structure is used in every day conversation. The more you master it the more you get closer to mastering the Scottish language. But first we need to know what the role of Phrases is in the structure of the grammar in Scottish.

Scottish phrases are a group of words functioning as a single unit in the syntax of a sentence. Here are some examples:

English PhrasesScottish Phrases
byecheerio the noo

Notice the structure of the Phrases in Scottish.

List of Phrases in Scottish

Below is a list of the phrases and daily expressions in Scottish placed in a table. Memorizing this table will help you add very useful and important words to your Scottish vocabulary.

English PhrasesScottish Phrases
a green treea green cabre
a tall buildinga taa buildin'
a very old mana huir uv a auld cheil
the old red houseth' auld red hoose
a very nice frienda huir uv a braw mukker
I read a book sometimesAh reid a book sometimes
I will never smokeAh will ne'er reek
are you alone?ur ye aloyn?
my carmah motur
green cargreen motur
three carsthee cars
car garagemotur garage
outside the carootwith th' motur
my bookmah book
my booksmah books
our daughteruir dochter
our daughtersuir daughters
I'm coldaam braw
we're coldwe're braw
his chickenshis chickens
their chickentheir chookie
he is happyhe is canty
she is happyshe is canty
he is Americanhe is american
she is Americanshe is american
I can accept thatAh can accept 'at
she added itshe added it
we admit itwe admit it
they advised himthey advised heem
I can agree with thatAh can agree wi' 'at
she allows itshe allows it
we announce itwe annoonce it
I can apologizeAh can apologize
she appears todayshe appears the-day
they arranged thatthey arranged 'at
I can arrive tomorrowAh can arrife tha' moorns nicht
she can ask himshe can ask heem
she attaches thatshe attaches 'at
we attack themwe lat at them
they avoid herthey avoid 'er
I can bake itAh can bake it
she is like himshe is loch heem
we beat itwe beat it
they became happythey becam canty
I can begin thatAh can begin 'at
we borrowed moneywe borrowed bunsens
they breathe airthey breathe air
I can bring itAh can brin' it
I can build thatAh can build 'at
she buys foodshe buys scran
we calculate itwe calculate it
they carry itthey carry it
they don't cheatthey dornt cheat
she chooses himshe chooses heem
we close itwe close it
he comes herehe comes haur
I can compare thatAh can compaur 'at
she competes with meshe competes wi' me
we complain about itwe greit abit it
they continued readingthey continued readin'
he cried about thathe cried abit 'at
I can decide nowAh can decide noo
she described it to meshe described it tae me
we disagree about itwe disagree abit it
they disappeared quicklythey disappeared quickly
I discovered thatAh discovered 'at
she dislikes thatshe dislikes 'at
we do itwe dae it
they dream about itthey dream abit it
I earnedAh earned
he eats a lothe eats a lot
we enjoyed thatwe enjoyed 'at
they entered herethey entered haur
he escaped thathe escaped 'at
I can explain thatAh can explain 'at
she feels that tooshe feels 'at tay
we fled from therewe fled frae thaur
they will fly tomorrowthey will fly tha' moorns nicht
I can follow youAh can follaw ye
she forgot meshe forgot me
we forgive himwe forgife heem
I can give her thatAh can gie 'er 'at
she goes thereshe goes thaur
we greeted themwe greeted them
I hate thatAh hate 'at
I can hear itAh can hear it
she imagine thatshe imagine 'at
we invited themwe invited them
I know himAh ken heem
she learned itshe learned it
we leave nowwe lae noo
they lied about himthey lied abit heem
I can listen to thatAh can listen tae 'at
she lost thatshe tint 'at
we made it yesterdaywe gart it yesterday
they met himthey mit heem
I misspell thatAh misspeel 'at
I always prayAh aye pray
she prefers thatshe prefers 'at
we protected themwe protected them
they will punish herthey will punish 'er
I can put it thereAh can pit it thaur
she will read itshe will reid it
we received thatwe received 'at
they refuse to talkthey refuse tae gab
I remember thatAh min' 'at
she repeats thatshe repeats 'at
we see itwe see it
they sell itthey seel it
I sent that yesterdayAh sent 'at yesterday
he shaved his beardhe shaved his beard
it shrunk quicklyit shrunk quickly
we will sing itwe will sin' it
they sat therethey sat thaur
I can speak itAh can spick it
she spends moneyshe spends bunsens
we suffered from thatwe suffered frae 'at
they suggest thatthey suggest 'at
I surprised himAh surprised heem
she took thatshe took 'at
we teach itwe teach it
they told usthey tauld us
she thanked himshe thanked heem
I can think about itAh can hink abit it
she threw itshe threw it
we understand thatwe kin 'at
they want thatthey want 'at
I can wear itAh can wear it
she writes thatshe writes 'at
we talk about itwe gab abit it
they have itthey hae it
I watched itAh watched it
I will talk about itAh will gab abit it
he bought that yesterdayhe booght 'at yesterday
we finished itwe finished it
inside the houseinside th' hoose
outside the carootwith th' motur
with mewi' me
without himwithit heem
under the tableunder th' table
after tomorrowefter tha' moorns nicht
before sunsetafair sunsit
but I'm busybut aam thrang
he is not herehe isnae haur
that is not my book'at isnae mah book
do not enterdinnae enter
where is he?whaur is he?
what is this?whit is thes?
why are you sad?wa ur ye sad?
how do you want to pay?hoo dae ye want tae pay?
can I come?can Ah come?
is he sleeping?is he sleepin'?
do you know me?dae ye ken me?
do you have my book?dae ye hae mah book?
how big is it?hoo big is it?
can I help you?can Ah help ye?
can you help me?can ye help me?
do you speak English?dae ye spick sassenach?
how far is this?hoo far is thes?
what time is it?whit time is it?
how much is this?hoo much is thes?
what is your name?whit is yer nam?
where do you live?whaur dae ye bide?

Phrases and daily expressions have a very important role in Scottish. Once you're done with the Scots Phrases, you might want to check the rest of our Scottish lessons here: Learn Scottish. Don't forget to bookmark this page.





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