Romanian Phrases

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Romanian Phrases

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English Romanian Phrases
Good morning!Buna dimineata
Good afternoon!Buna ziua
Good evening!Buna seara
Welcome! (to greet someone)Bine ai venit(singular)or bine a-ti venit(pl)
Hello my friend!Buna pritene
How are you? (friendly)Ce faci or cum esti?
How are you? (polite)Ce faceti?
I'm fine, thank you!Bine,multumesc
And you? (friendly)Tu?
And you? (polite)Dumneavoastra?
Not so goodNu prea bine
Long time no seeNu ne-am vazut de mult
I missed youImi este dor de tine
What's new?Ce mai este nou?
Nothing newNimic nou
Thank you (very much)!Multumesc(mult)
You're welcome! (for "thank you")Cu placere
My pleasurePlacerea este a mea
Come in! (or: enter!)Intra
Make yourself at home!Simtete ca acasa
Farewell ExpressionsExpresie de ramas bun
Have a nice day!La revedere
Good night!Noapte buna
Good night and sweet dreams!Noapte buna si vise placute
See you soon!Pe curind
See you tomorrow!Pe miine
Good bye!Adio
Have a good trip!Sa ai drum bun
I have to goTrebuie sa plec
I will be right back!Vin imediat
Holidays and WishesDoresti cuiva
Good luck!Noroc bun
Happy birthday!La multi ani
Happy new year!An nou fericit
Merry Christmas!Craciun fericit
Happy EasterPaste fericit
Happy Mother's Day!Ziua mamei
Congratulations!Felicitari or bravo
Enjoy! (or: bon appetit)Pofta buna
Bless you (when sneezing)Noroc
Best wishes!Urari bune
Cheers! (or: to your health)Noroc
Accept my best wishesUrari de bine
How to Introduce YourselfIntroducere
What's your name?Cum te cheama?
Do you like it here?Iti place aici?
Romania is a beautiful countryRomania este o tara frumoasa
What do you do for a living?Unde lucrezi?
I'm a (teacher/ student/ engineer)Sint (invatator,student/inginer)
Do you speak (English/ Romanian)?Vorbiti engleza/romineste?
Just a littlePutin
I like RomanianImi place romineste
I'm trying to learn RomanianIncerc sa invat romineste
It's a hard languageEste o limba grea
It's an easy languageEste o limba usoara
Oh! That's good!O, ce bine
Can I practice with you?Putem sa practicam impreuna?
I will try my best to learnO sa incerc mult
How old are you?Citi ani aveti/ce virsta aveti?
I'm (twenty one, thirty two) years oldAm (douazeci si unu,treizeci si doi)de ani
It was nice talking to you!Mi-a facut placere
It was nice meeting you!Imi pare bine sa va cunosc
Mr.../ Mrs. .../ Miss...Domn/doamna/domnisoara
This is my wifeAsta este sotia mea
This is my husbandAsta este sotul meu
Romance and Love PhrasesRomanta
Are you free tomorrow evening?Esti libera miine?
I would like to invite you to dinnerAs dori sa va invit la cina
You look beautiful! (to a woman)Arata-ti bine
You have a beautiful nameAveti un nume frumos
Can you tell me more about you?Imi puteti spune despre dumneavoastra?
Are you married?Sinte-ti maritata?
Can I have your phone number?Imi pute-ti da numarul de telefon?
Can I have your email?Imi pute-ti da e-mail?
Do you have any pictures of you?Aveti poza cu dumneavoastra?
Do you have children?Aveti copii?
Would you like to go for a walk?Vreti sa mergeti la o plimbare?
I like youImi place de tine
I love youTe iubesc
You're very special!Sinte-ti foarte speciala
You're very kind!Sinte-ti foarte cumsecade/draguta/o persoana foarte de treaba
I'm very happySint foarte fericit/bucuros
Would you marry me?Vreti sa va casatoriti cu mine?
I'm just kiddingGlumesc
I'm seriousSerios
My heart speaks the language of loveSint indragostit
Solving a MisunderstandingA clarifica situatia
Sorry! (or: I beg your pardon!)Ce a-ti spus
Sorry (for a mistake)Imi cer scuze/va rog sa ma iertati
No problem!Nu-i problema
Can you repeat please?Repetati va rog?
Can you speak slowly?Puteti vorbi incet?
Can you write it down?Puteti scrie jos?
Did you understand what I said?Ai inteles?
I don't understand!Nu inteleg
I don't know!Nu stiu
What's that called in Romanian?Cum se spune in romineste?
What does that word mean in English?Ce inseamna in engleza?
How do you say "thanks" in Romanian?Cum spui thank you in romaneste?
What is this?Ce este sta?
My Romanian is badNu prea stiu romineste
Don't worry!Nu va ingrijorati
I agree with youSint de acord
Is that right?Este corect?
Is that wrong?Este gresit?
What should I say?Ce sa spun?
I just need to practiceImi trebuie practica
Your Romanian is goodVorbiti bine romineste
I have an accentAm accent
You don't have an accentNu am accent
Asking for DirectionsIntrebari de ajutor
Excuse me! (before asking someone)Scuze
I'm lostM-am pierdut
Can you help me?Ma puteti ajuta?
Can I help you?Cu ce sa va ajut?
I'm not from hereNu sint de aici
How can I get to (this place, this city)? Cum pot sa ajung aici?
Go straightDute drept
ThenDupa aceea
Turn leftLuati la stinga/intoarceti la stinga
Turn rightIntoarceti la dreapta
Can you show me?Puteti sa-mi aratati?
I can show you!Va pot arata
Come with me!Vino cu mine
How long does it take to get there?Cit dureaza pina acolo?
Downtown (city center)In centru
Historic center (old city)Centrul istoric
It's near hereEste aproape
It's far from hereEste departe de aici
Is it within walking distance?Putem merge pe jos?
I'm looking for Mr. SmithCaut pe domnul smith
One moment please!Asteptati va rog
Hold on please! (when on the phone)Stati asa putin
He is not hereEl nu este aici
Bus stationStatie de autobuz
Train stationGara
Emergency Survival PhrasesFraze de urgenta si supravetuire
Watch out! (or: be alert!)Atentie
Call the police!Suna la politie
Call a doctor!Suna la doctor
Call the ambulance!Suna ambulanta
Are you okay?Esti bine?
I feel sickImi este rau/nu ma simpt bine
I need a doctorImi trebuie un doctor
Food poisoningOtravire cu mincare stricata
Where is the closest pharmacy?Unde este farmacia?
It hurts hereDoare aici
It's urgent!Este urgent
Calm down!Linistestete/calmeazate
You will be okay!O sa fii bine
Can you help me?Ajuta-ma?
Can I help you?Cu ce sa va ajut?
Hotel Restaurant Travel PhrasesFraze pentru restaurant si turism
I have a reservation (for a room)Am facut rezervatie(pentru o camera)
Do you have rooms available?Aveti camere valabile?
With shower / With bathroomCu dus/cu baie
I would like a non-smoking roomVreau o camera pentru nefumatori
What is the charge per night?Cit costa pe noapte?
How much will it cost?Cit costa?
A table for (one / two) please!Masa pentru(o persoana/doua persoane)
Is this seat taken?Sta cineva aici?
I'm vegetarianSint vegetarian
I don't eat porkNu maninc pork
I don't drink alcoholNu beau
What's the name of this dish?Cum se numeste mincarea asta?
Waiter / waitress!Chelner/ospatar
Can we have the check please?Plata,va rog/ vrem sa platim?
It is very delicious!Este foarte gustos
I don't like itNu-mi place
Shopping ExpressionsExpresii la cumparaturi
How much is this?Cit costa asta?
I'm just lookingNumai ma uit
I don't have changeNu am rest sa va dau
This is too expensiveAsta este prea scump
Daily ExpressionsEpresii generale
What time is it?Cit este ceasul?
It's 3 o'clockEste ora 3
Give me this!Da-mi asta
Are you sure?Esti sigur?
Take this! (when giving something)Poftim
It's freezing (weather)Este foarte frig
It's cold (weather)Este frig
It's hot (weather)Este cald
Do you like it?Iti place?
In The MorningDimineata
In the eveningSeara
At NightNoaptea
Hurry up!Grabestete
Cuss Words (polite)
This is nonsense! (or: this is craziness)Nu are nici-un sens
My God! (to show amazement)Ce frumos
Oh gosh! (when making a mistake)Scuze
It sucks! (or: this is not good)Nu-i bine
What's wrong with you?Ce e cu tine?
Are you crazy?Ai inebunit?
Get lost! (or: go away!)Du-te de aici
Leave me alone!Lasa-ma in pace
I'm not interested!Nu ma intereseaza
Writing a Letter
Dear JohnDraga john
My trip was very niceExcursia/calatoria/voiajul a fost frumos
The culture and people were very interestingOamenii si cultura lor au fost foarte interesante
I had a good time with youAm petrecut un timp bun impreuna
I would love to visit your country againAs vrea sa vizitez tara ta incodata
Don't forget to write me back from time to timeSa nu uiti sa-mi scrii din cind in cind
Short Expressions and wordsExpresii scurte
So-so (or: not bad not good)Asa si asa
Me (ie. Who did this? - Me)Eu
Why?De ce?

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