Pashto Prepositions

If you're trying to learn Pashto Prepositions which is also called Pashtu, check our courses about time and place prepositions and and demonstrative pronouns... to help you with your Pashto grammar. Try to concentrate on the lesson and notice the pattern that occurs each time the word changes its place. Also don't forget to check the rest of our other lessons listed on Learn Pashto. Enjoy the rest of the lesson!

Pashto Prepositions

Learning the Pashto Prepositions is very important because its structure is used in every day conversation. The more you master it the more you get closer to mastering the Pashto language. But first we need to know what the role of Prepositions is in the structure of the grammar in Pashto.

Pashto prepositions link nouns, pronouns and phrases to other words in a sentence. The word or phrase that the preposition introduces is called the object of the preposition. Here are some examples:

English PrepositionsPashto Prepositions
Prepositionsherwef adafh - حروف اضافه
inside the housedekwer ph dakhel kṣ̌a - دکور په داخل کښی
outside the cardemwṭr nh bher - دموټر نه بهر
with melh ma serh - له ما سره
without himb heghh - بې هغه
under the tabledemaz laneda - دمیز لاندی
after tomorrowseba nh werwesth - سبا نه وروسته
before sunsetdelmer lewadelw nh wṛaneda - دلمر لویدلو نه وړاندی
but I'm busymegr zh mesrewf am - مګر زه مصروف یم

Notice the structure of the Prepositions in Pashto.

List of Prepositions in Pashto

Below is a list of the Time place and demonstrative pronouns in Pashto placed in a table. Memorizing this table will help you add very useful and important words to your Pashto vocabulary.

English PrepositionsPashto Prepositions
aboutph aṛh - په اړه
abovepas - پاس
acrossph taradada - په تیریدادی
afterwerwesth - وروسته
againstper ded - پر ضد
amongph menz k - په منځ کې
aroundph shawekhewa k - په شاوخوا کې
asd - د
atph - په
beforemekheka - مخکی
behindter sha - تر شا
belowlanedy - لاندي
beneathlanedy - لاندي
besideter ceng - تر څنګ
betweenter menz - تر منځ
beyondpewra ghaṛh - پوری غاړه
butkhew - خو
bylh khewa - له خوا
despiteserh leda - سره لدی
downlaneda - لاندی
duringph jeraan ka - په جریان کی
exceptperth lh - پرته له
forleparh - لپاره
fromlh - له
inph - په
insideph dennh k - په دننه کې
intoph - په
nearnẓ̌da - نږدی
nextratelwenk - راتلونكې
ofd - د
onph - په
oppositeph wṛanedy - په وړاندي
outbher - بهر
outsidenh bher - نه بهر
overph - په
perph - په
plusjem' (awezaa kewl) - جمع (یوځای کول)
roundgerd - ګرد
sincelh heghh mhalh - له هغه مهاله
thanbaa (werseth) - بیا (ورسته)
throughlh lar - له لارې
tillter - تر
toth - ته
towardth - ته
underlaneda - لاندی
unlikeph khelaf - په خلاف
untilter heghh ch - تر هغه چې
uppas - پاس
vialh lar - له لارې
withserh - سره
withinph dennh k - په دننه کې
withoutb - بې
two wordsdewh kelm - دوه کلمې
according tod weyna lh mekh - د وينا له مخې
because ofleda amelh chh - لدی امله چه
close toth nẓ̌da - ته نږدی
due tolh amelh - له امله
except forperth lh - پرته له
far fromhakhewa - هاخوا
inside ofdennh - دننه
instead ofd hegh ph zaa - د هغې په ځاى
near tonẓ̌dey - نږدي
next toceng th - څنګ ته
outside ofbher - بهر
prior towṛaned - وړاندې
three wordsdera leghatewnh - دری لغاتونه
as far aster heghh zayh - تر هغه ځايه
as well asaw hemdarengh - او همدارنګه
in addition toph hegh berserh d - په هغې برسېره د
in front ofph wṛaned - په وړاندې
in spite ofdeda nh 'elawh - ددی نه علاوه
on behalf ofph asetazeytewb d - په استازيتوب د
on top ofph ser d - په سر د
demonstrative prepositions'esharewa demaar - عشاروی ضمایر
thisda - دا
thatheghh - هغه
theseda (jem'e) - دا (جمع)
thoseheghh (jem'e) - هغه (جمع)

Time place and demonstrative pronouns have a very important role in Pashto. Once you're done with the Pashtu Prepositions, you might want to check the rest of our Pashto lessons here: Learn Pashto. Don't forget to bookmark this page.





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