Moroccan Verbs

If you're trying to learn Moroccan Verbs you will find some useful resources including a course about Verbs in the present past and future tense... to help you with your Moroccan grammar. Try to concentrate on the lesson and notice the pattern that occurs each time the word changes its place. Also don't forget to check the rest of our other lessons listed on Learn Moroccan. Enjoy the rest of the lesson!

Moroccan Verbs

Learning the Moroccan Verbs is very important because its structure is used in every day conversation. The more you master it the more you get closer to mastering the Moroccan language. But first we need to know what the role of Verbs is in the structure of the grammar in Moroccan.

Moroccan verbs are words that convey action (bring, read, walk, run), or a state of being (exist, stand). In most languages a verb may agree with the person, gender, and/or number of some of its arguments, such as its subject, or object. Here are some examples:

English VerbsMoroccan Verbs/ Arabic Script
Verbs - الأفعال
Past - الماضي
I spokekanatkallame - تحدثت
I wrotekanaktabe - كتبت
I drove - قدت
I lovedkounte kanabghy - كنت أحب
I gaveaatite - أعطيت
I smiledtbassamte - ابتسمت
I tookkhdite - أخذت
he spokethadthate - تحدث
he wrotektabe - كتب
he drovesague - قاد
he lovedbghate - احب
he gave - قدم
he smiledbtassame - ابتسم
he took - اخذ
we spoketkallamna - تكلمنا
we wrotekatbou - كتبنا
we drovesagou - قدنا
we lovedbghawe - أحببنا
we gaveaatawna - أعطينا
we smiledtbassamna - ابتسمنا
we tookkhdina - اخذنا
Future - مستقبل
I will speakghady nahdare - سوف أتكلم
I will writeghady naktabe - سوف أكتب
I will driveghady nsougue - سوف أقود
I will loveghady nabghy - سوف أحب
I will giveghady naadti - سوف أعطي
I will smileghady natbassame - سوف أبتسم
I will takeghady nakhoude - سوف آخذ
he will speakghady yahdare - سوف يتحدث
he will writeghady yaktabe - سوف يكتب
he will driveghady issougue - سوف يقود
he will loveghady yabghy - سوف يحب
he will giveghady yaati - سوف يعطي
he will smileghady yatbassame - سوف يبتسم
he will takeghady yakoude - سوف يأخذ
we will speakghady natkkalmou - سوف نتكلم
we will writeghady nkatbou - سوف نكتب
we will driveghady nsougou - سوف نقود
we will loveghady nabgiwe - سوف نحب
we will giveghady naatiwe - سوف نعطى
we will smileghady natbassmou - سوف نبتسم
we will takeghady nakhdou - سوف نأخذ
Present - الحالي
I speakkanahdar - أنا أتكلم
I writekanaktabe - أنا أكتب
I drivekansougue - أنا أقود
I lovekanabghy - انا أحب
I givekanaaty - اانا اعطى
I smilekanatbassame - انا أبتسم
I takelanakhoude - انا آخذ
he speakskayatkallame - يتكلم
he writeskayaktabe - يكتب
he driveskaysogue - يقود
he loveskayabghy - يحب
he giveskayaati - يعطي
he smileskayatbassame - يبتسم
he takeskayakhoude - يأخذ
we speakkanatkallmou - نحن نتكلم
we writekanktbou - ذحن نكتب
we drivekansouguou - نحن نقود
we lovekanabghuiwe - نحن نحب
we givekanaatiwe - نحن نعطي
we smilekanatbassmou - نحن نبتسم
we takekanakhdou - نحن نأخذ

Notice the structure of the Verbs in Moroccan.

List of Verbs in Moroccan

Below is a list of the conjugated Verbs in the present past and future in Moroccan placed in a table. Memorizing this table will help you add very useful and important words to your Moroccan vocabulary.

English VerbsMoroccan Verbs/ Arabic Script
I can accept thatyamkane ndire hadeshy - يمكن أن أقبل هذا
she added itzadttou - وأضافته
we admit itkanaatarfou bdake shy - نحن نعترف بذلك
they advised himnashouhe - وأشاروا عليه
I can agree with thatyamkane ly nttafake maa hade shy - يمكنني أن أتفق مع هذا
she allows itdouwzate dake shy - انها تسمح بذلك
we announce itkanaalane dake shy - نحن نعلن ذلك
I can apologizeyamke ly naatadare - يمكنني أن أعتذر
she appears todaywa kila lyoume - يبدو انها اليوم
they arranged thatrahoume wajdou - لقد رتبوا ذلك
I can arrive tomorrowyatmakkane nawssale ghadda - يمكنني أن اصل غدا
she can ask himnkadrou nsawlouhe - تستطيع أن تسأله
she attaches thatktaalake aalihe - انها تعلق عليه
we attack themkanhajmouhoume - نحن نهاجمهم
they avoid herkaybaadou aaliha - انهم يتجنبونها
I can bake itnakdare ngoullihe - يمكنني أن اخبزه
she is like himhiya bhalou - هي مثله
we beat ithna hssane mannou - نحن نفوز عليه
they became happywallawe mzianine - أصبحوا سعداء
I can begin thatnakdare nabda dake shy - يمكنني ان ابدا ذلك
we borrowed moneytsallafna laflousse - نحن اقترضنا المال
they breathe airkayatnafssou lahwa - هم يتنفسون الهواء
I can bring itnakdare njabdou - أستطيع ان اجلبه
I can build thatnakdare nabnihe - استطيع ان ابنيه
she buys foodkatshry laghda - انها تشتري الغذاء
we calculate itkanhasbouhe - نحن نحسبه
they carry ithazzinou - انهم يحملونه
they don't cheatmakaykhafoushe - انهم لا يغشوا
she chooses himkatakhtarou - هى تختاره
we close itkanghalfouhe - نحن نغلقه
he comes herekayji hna - يأتي هنا
I can compare thatnkadrou nkarnou dake shy - يمكنني مقارنة هذا
she competes with mekatnaffasse maaya - انها تتنافس معى
we complain about itkanatshakkawe mannou - نحن نشكو منه
they continued readingkammlou lakraya diyalhoume - لقد واصلوا القراءة
he cried about thatbka mane dake shy - لقد بكى بسبب ذلك
I can decide nownkadrou nkarerou daba - يمكنني أن تقرر الآن
she described it to mewsafty liya - لقد وصفت لى
we disagree about itkanaktalfou fhade shy - نختلف حول هذا الموضوع
they disappeared quicklydaghiya mabanoushe - لقد اختفوا بسرعة
I discovered thatktashafte - اكتشفت أن
she dislikes thatmakatabghishe - انها لا تحب أن
we do itkandirou dake shy - نحن نفعل ذلك
they dream about itkayhalmou bdake shy - يحلمون بذلك
I earned - استحقيت
he eats a lotkayakoule bazzafe - انه يأكل الكثير
we enjoyed thataajabna dake shy - استمتعنا بذلك
they entered heredakhlou hna - دخلوا هنا
he escaped thathrabe - هرب هو
I can explain thatnakdare nfassare dake shy - أستطيع شرح ذلك
she feels that toohatta hiya kathasse - تشعر أنها أيضا
we fled from therehrabna mane tammake - هربنا من هناك
they will fly tomorrowghady itire ghadda - سوف يطير غدا
I can follow younakdare ntbaakoume - يمكنني أن اتبعكم
she forgot me - نستنى
we forgive himsmahna lihe - نحنن نغفر له
I can give her thatyamkane naatiha dake shy - يمكن أن أعطيها ذك
she goes theretamshy ltammake - تذهب هناك
we greeted themsallamna aalihoume - نحن حياناهم
I hate thatmakanabghishe dake shy - أكرهه
I can hear itnakdare nsamaou - يمكنني أن اسمعه
she imagine thatkatsawarre dake shy - هى تتصور ذلك
we invited themdiaainahoume - نحن دعوناهم
I know himkanaarfou - أنا أعرفه
she learned itaarafte aalihe - تعلمت أنه
we leave nownamshiwe daba - نرحل الآن
they lied about himkadbou aalihe - كذبوا عنه
I can listen to thatnakdare nasmaa dake shy - أستطيع الاستماع إلي ذلك
she lost thatkhassrate - انها خسرت
we made it yesterdaydarnaha lbarahe - لقد فعلناها بالامس
they met himtlakawe maahe - لقد قابلوه
I misspell that - أنا أخطأت في تهجئة ذلك
I always praykanssally dima - أصلي دائما
she prefers thatkatfaddale dake shy - انها تفضل ذلك
we protected themhdinahoume - لقد حميناهم
they will punish herghady iaakbouha - سوف يعاقبوها
I can put it therenakdare ndirou tammake - أستطيع وضعه هناك
she will read itghady takrahe - انها سوف تقرأه
we received thatwsalna dake shy - تلقينا ذلك
they refuse to talkmabghawshe ihadrou - رفضوا التحدث
I remember thattfakkartha - أتذكرها
she repeats thatkataawade dake shy - انها تكرر ذلك
we see itkanshoufouhe - نراه
they sell itkaybiaouhe - هم يبيعوه
I sent that yesterdaysifate dake shy lbarahe - أرسلت ذلك بالأمس
he shaved his beardhassane lahiya diyalou - انه حلق لحيته
it shrunk quickly - انها تقلصت بسرعة
we will sing it - سنقوم غبنائها
they sat theregalssou hna - جلسوا هناك
I can speak itnakdare nahdare biha - أستطيع التحدث بها
she spends moneykatasrafe laflousse - إنها تنفق المال
we suffered from thataayana - عانينا منه
they suggest thatkatbane bhale ila - فهي توحي أنها
I surprised himfajaatou - فاجئته
she took thatkhdite dake shy - لقد اخذت هذا
we teach itkandarssouhe - نحن ندرسه
they told usgalou anaha - قالوا لنا
she thanked himshakratou - انها شكرته
I can think about itnakdarre nfakkare fdake shy - أستطيع التفكير في الامر
she threw itrmatou - إنها رمته
we understand thatkanatfahmou dake shy - نحن نفهم ذلك
they want thatkayabghiwe dake shy - هم يريدون ذلك
I can wear itnakdare nlabssou - استطيع ان ارتديه
she writes thatkataktabe dake shy - انها تكتب ذلك
we talk about itkanhadrou aala dake shy - نتحدث عن ذلك
they have itrahe aandhoume - انه لديهم
I watched itshafte dake shy - شاهدت ذلك
I will talk about itghady nahdarre aala dake shy - ساتكلم عن هذا
he bought that yesterdaynashry dike lkaswa - اشترى هذا بالامس
we finished itkammalna dake shy - انتهينا ذلك

Verbs in the present past and future tense have a very important role in Moroccan. Once you're done with Moroccan Verbs, you might want to check the rest of our Moroccan lessons here: Learn Moroccan. Don't forget to bookmark this page.





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