Korean Prepositions

If you're trying to learn Korean Prepositions you will find some useful resources including a course about time and place prepositions and and demonstrative pronouns... to help you with your Korean grammar. Try to concentrate on the lesson and notice the pattern that occurs each time the word changes its place. Also don't forget to check the rest of our other lessons listed on Learn Korean. Enjoy the rest of the lesson!

Korean Prepositions

Learning the Korean Prepositions is very important because its structure is used in every day conversation. The more you master it the more you get closer to mastering the Korean language. But first we need to know what the role of Prepositions is in the structure of the grammar in Korean.

Korean prepositions link nouns, pronouns and phrases to other words in a sentence. The word or phrase that the preposition introduces is called the object of the preposition. Here are some examples:

English PrepositionsKorean Prepositions
Prepositions전치사 - jeon chi sa
inside the house집안 - jib an
outside the car차 밖에서 - cha bakk e seo
with me나와 함께 - na wa ham kke
without him그없이 - geu eops i
under the table테이블 아래에 - te i beur a rae e
after tomorrow내일이 지나면 - nae ir i ji na myeon
before sunset일몰 전에/해지기 전에 - il mor jeon e hae ji gi jeon e
but I'm busy하지만 나는 바뻐요 - ha ji man na neun ba ppeo yo

Notice the structure of the Prepositions in Korean.

List of Prepositions in Korean

Below is a list of the Time place and demonstrative pronouns in Korean placed in a table. Memorizing this table will help you add very useful and important words to your Korean vocabulary.

English PrepositionsKorean Prepositions
about~에 대한/~에 관한 - e dae han e gwan han
above~보다 위에/~보다 많은 - bo da wi e bo da manh eun
across건너서/가로질러 - geon neo seo ga ro jil leo
after뒤에/후에 - dwi e hu e
against~반대하여/대조적으로 - ban dae ha yeo dae jo jeog eu ro
among~가운데/사이에 - ga un de sa i e
around주위에 - ju wi e
as~처럼/~로써 - cheo reom ro sseo
at~으로/~에 - eu ro e
before전에/앞에 - jeon e ap e
behind뒤에/뒤떨어져 - dwi e dwi tteor eo jyeo
below~보다 아래에 - bo da a rae e
beneath아래에/밑에 - a rae e mit e
beside옆에 - yeop e
between사이에 - sa i e
beyond저편에/너머 - jeo pyeon e neo meo
but그러나/하지만 - geu reo na ha ji man
by~로써/에 의해 - ro sseo e ui hae
despite에도 불구하고 - e do bul gu ha go
down아래로 - a rae ro
during동안 - dong an
except제외하고 - je oe ha go
for를 위해/~의 - reur wi hae ui
from부터 - bu teo
in~에/~에서 - e e seo
inside안/내부에 - an nae bu e
into~으로 - eu ro
near에서 가까이/약 - e seo ga kka i yak
next다음 - da eum
of~의 - ui
on(위)에 - wi e
opposite맞은편에 - maj eun pyeon e
out바깥쪽에/~에서 멀리 - ba kkat jjog e e seo meol li
outside겉에/외부에 - geot e oe bu e
over위에 - wi e
per각/~에 대하여/~당 - gag e dae ha yeo dang
plus더하기/또한 - deo ha gi tto han
round~을 돌아/~을 빙 돌아 - eur dor a eur bing dor a
since이후/이래 - i hu i rae
than보다 - bo da
through를 통해 - reur tong hae
till~까지 - kka ji
to에 - e
toward향하여 - hyang ha yeo
under아래에 - a rae e
unlike~와 다른/~와 달리 - wa da reun wa dal li
until까지 - kka ji
up위로/위쪽으로 - wi ro wi jjog eu ro
via경우하여/통해 - gyeong u ha yeo tong hae
with~와 함께/~로 - wa ham kke ro
within이내에/안에 - i nae e an e
without없이 - eops i
two words두 단어 - du dan eo
according to~에 따라 - e tta ra
because of~때문에 - ttae mun e
close to아주 가까이에서 - a ju ga kka i e seo
due to~때문에 - ttae mun e
except for~을 제외하고/~이 없으면 - eur je oe ha go i eops eu myeon
far from~멀리/~와 거리가 먼 - meol li wa geo ri ga meon
inside of~안에/~내부에 - an e nae bu e
instead of~대신 - dae sin
near to~에 가까운/거의~한 - e ga kka un geo ui han
next to바로옆에/다음에 - ba ro yeop e da eum e
outside of~바깥쪽에/~의 밖에 - ba kkat jjog e ui bakk e
prior to~에 앞서/먼저 - e ap seo meon jeo
three words세 단어 - se dan eo
as far as~까지 - kka ji
as well as마찬가지로/게다가 - ma chan ga ji ro ge da ga
in addition to~일 뿐 아니라 - ir ppun a ni ra
in front of~의 앞쪽에(앞에) - ui ap jjog e ap e
in spite of...에도 불구하고 - e do bul gu ha go
on behalf of~대신(대표)하여 - dae sin dae pyo ha yeo
on top of~위에 - wi e
demonstratives지시 전치사 - ji si jeon chi sa
this이것 - i geot
that그것 - geu geot
these이것들 - i geot deul
those그것들 - geu geot deul

Time place and demonstrative pronouns have a very important role in Korean. Once you're done with Korean Prepositions, you might want to check the rest of our Korean lessons here: Learn Korean. Don't forget to bookmark this page.





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