Kannada Verbs

If you're trying to learn Kannada Verbs you will find some useful resources including a course about Verbs in the present past and future tense... to help you with your Kannada grammar. Try to concentrate on the lesson and notice the pattern that occurs each time the word changes its place. Also don't forget to check the rest of our other lessons listed on Learn Kannada. Enjoy the rest of the lesson!

Kannada Verbs

Learning the Kannada Verbs is very important because its structure is used in every day conversation. The more you master it the more you get closer to mastering the Kannada language. But first we need to know what the role of Verbs is in the structure of the grammar in Kannada.

Kannada verbs are words that convey action (bring, read, walk, run), or a state of being (exist, stand). In most languages a verb may agree with the person, gender, and/or number of some of its arguments, such as its subject, or object. Here are some examples:

English VerbsKannada Verbs
Verbskriya padhagalu
I spokenaanu mathanadide
I wrotenaanu baredhe
I drovenaanu odisidhe
I lovednaanu preethiside
I gavenaanu kotte
I smilednaanu nakke
I tooknaanu thegedhukonde
he spokeavanu mathanadida
he wroteavanu baredha
he droveavanu odisidha
he lovedavanu preeti madhida
he gaveavanu kotta
he smiledavanu nakka
he tookavanu tegedukonda
we spokenaavu mathanadidhevu
we wrotenaavu baredhevu
we drovenaavu odisidhevu
we lovednaavu preethisidevu
we gavenaavu kottevu
we smilednaavu nakkevu
we tooknaavu tegedukondevu
Futurebhavishya kala
I will speaknaanu mathanaduthhene
I will writenaanu bareyutheeni
I will drivenaanu odisutheeni
I will lovenaanu preethisuthene
I will givenaanu koduthene
I will smilenaanu naguthenne
I will takenaanu tegedukolluthene
he will speakavanu mathanaduthhane
he will writeavanu bareyuthaane
he will driveavanu odisutthane
he will loveavanu preethisuthhane
he will giveavanu koduthhane
he will smileavanu naguthhane
he will takeavanu tegedhukolluthane
we will speaknaavu mathanaadona
we will writenaavu bareyona
we will drivenaavu odisona
we will lovenaavu preethisona
we will givenaavu kodona
we will smilenaavu nagona
we will takenaavu thagolonna
Presentvarthamana kaala
I speaknannu mathanadutthne
I writenaanu bareyuthenne
I drivenaanu odisutheene
I lovenaanu preethi madutheene
I givenaanu koduthheene
I smilenannu nagutheene
I takenaanu tegedukolluthene
he speaksavanu mathanadutthaiddhane
he writesavanu bareyuthhaiddhane
he drivesavanu odisuthhaiddhane
he lovesavanu preethisutthaiddhane
he givesavanu koduthaiddhane
he smilesavanu nagtthaiddhane
he takesavanu tegedhukolluthaane
we speaknaavu mathanaduthheve
we writenaavu bareyuthevve
we drivenaavu odisutheeve
we lovenaavu preethisutheeve
we givenaavu kodutheeve
we smilenaavu nagutheeve
we takenaavu tegedukollutheve

Notice the structure of the Verbs in Kannada.

List of Verbs in Kannada

Below is a list of the conjugated Verbs in the present past and future in Kannada placed in a table. Memorizing this table will help you add very useful and important words to your Kannada vocabulary.

English VerbsKannada Verbs
I can accept thatnaanu adhannu thegedhu kollaballe
she added itavalu adhakke haakidhalu
we admit itnaavu adhannu oppikondevu
they advised himavaru avanige advise maadidharu
I can agree with thatnaanu adhakke oppaballe
she allows itavalu adhaannu opputhaale
we announce itnaavu adhannu vicharisutheeve
I can apologizenaanu kshamekelaballe
she appears todayavalu eevatthu kaanisidhalu
they arranged thatavaru adhannu anusaravaghisidharu
I can arrive tomorrownaanu naale baraballe
she can ask himavalu adhannu kelabhaudhu
she attaches thatavalu adhannu antisidhalu
we attack themnaavu adhannu dhaaali maadona
they avoid heravaru avalannu nirakarisidharu
I can bake itnaanu adhannu beyisaballe
she is like himavalu avana thara
we beat itnaavu adhannu hathhikka balleveu
they became happyavaru santhosha pattaru
I can begin thatnaanu adharindha aarambisaballe
we borrowed moneynaavu hanavannu thegedukondhevu
they breathe airavaru gaali sevisuthhare
I can bring itnaanu adhannu tharaballe
I can build thatnaanu adhannu kattaballe
she buys foodavalu ootavannu kondhalu
we calculate itnaavu adhanu koodutheve
they carry itavaru adhanu tharuthhare
they don't cheatavaru mosa maaduvudilla
she chooses himavalu avannannu aarisidhalu
we close itnaavu adhannu muchhuidevu
he comes hereavanu illi baruthhane
I can compare thatnaannu adhannu aleyaballe
she competes with meavalu naana jhothege paiphotisutthale
we complain about itnaavu adhara bagge complain maadidhevu
they continued readingavaru adhannu odhuvudhannu mundhuvarisidharu
he cried about thatavanu adhara baggae atthanu
I can decide nownaanu adhannu nirdharisaballe
she described it to meavalu adhannu nanage vivarisidhalu
we disagree about itnaavu adhannu oppikondevu
they disappeared quicklyavaru thakshana mayavagibittaru
I discovered thatnaanu adhannu kandhu hididhenu
she dislikes thatavalu adhannu ishta padhuvudilla
we do itnaavu idhannu maaduvevu
they dream about itavaru adhara bagge aalochisidharu
I earnednaanu adhannu samphadhisidhe
he eats a lotavanu thumbha thinnuthhane
we enjoyed thatnaavu adhannu thrupthi pattevu
they entered herenaavu illi thalupidhevu
he escaped thatavanu adharindha thappisikondha
I can explain thatnaanu adhannu vivarisaballe
she feels that tooavalu adhannu saha neneyuthhale
we fled from therenaavu allindha odidhevu
they will fly tomorrowavaur naale haaruthhare
I can follow younaanu ninnnannu himbhalisidhe
she forgot meavalu nannanna marethalu
we forgive himnaavu avannannu kshamisuthheve
I can give her thatnaanu avalige adhannu kotte
she goes thereavalu allighe hoguthiddale
we greeted themnaavu avarrige vandhisidhevhu
I hate thatnaanu adhannu ishtha paduvudhilla
I can hear itnaanu adhannu kelabhalle
she imagine thatavalu adhannu kalphane madhikondhalu
we invited themnaavu avannannu karedhevu
I know himnannage avanu gotthu
she learned itavalu adhannu kalithalu
we leave nownaavu eega bidutheve
they lied about himavaru avana bagge sullu helidharu
I can listen to thatnaanu adhakke kellaballe
she lost thatavalu adhannu kaledhukondalu
we made it yesterdaynaavu idhaanu ninne madhidhevu
they met himavaru avannannu nodhidharu
I misspell thatnaanu adhannu thappagi helidhe
I always praynaanu yavaagalu prarhthane maaduthhene
she prefers thatavalu adhannu ishata padhuttale
we protected themnaavu avarannu rakshisutteve
they will punish heravaru avalige shikshe kodutthaare
I can put it therenaanu adhannu alli idhaballe
she will read itavalu adhannu odhuttale
we received thatnaavu adhannu punaravarthisidharu
they refuse to talkavaur mathanaaduvudhakke niraakharisidharu
I remember thatnaanage adhu gnapakha idhe
she repeats thatavalu adhannu mathhe helidhalu
we see itnaanvu adhannu nodidhaevu
they sell itavaru adhannu salahisidharu
I sent that yesterdaynaanu adhannu ninne kalisidhe
he shaved his beardavanu avana gaddavannu keredhanu
it shrunk quicklyaddhu bega ksheenavayithu
we will sing itnaavu adhannu haaduvevu
they sat thereavaru alli kulitharu
I can speak itnaanu adhannu mathadaballe
she spends moneyavalu hannavannu kharchu maadhidhalu
we suffered from thatnaavu adharindha bhadhege ola pattevu
they suggest thatavaru adhannu salahisidharu
I surprised himnaanu avanige ashcharya padisidhe
she took thatavalu adhannu thegedhukondalu
we teach itnaavu bhodhane maadidhevu
they told usavaru nannage helidharu
she thanked himavalu avanige dhanyawhadha helidhalu
I can think about itnaanu adhara bagge yochane
she threw itavalu adhannu yesedhalu
we understand thatnamage adhu arthavagutthadhe
they want thatavarige adhu beku
I can wear itnaanu ahadahnnu dharisaballe
she writes thatavalu adhannu bareyuthaale
we talk about itnaavu adhara bagge mathadona
they have itavara hatthira idhe
I watched itnaanu nodidhe
I will talk about itnaanu adhara bagge mathanadutheene
he bought that yesterdayavanu adhannu ninne thegedhu konda
we finished itnaavu mugisidhevu

Verbs in the present past and future tense have a very important role in Kannada. Once you're done with Kannada Verbs, you might want to check the rest of our Kannada lessons here: Learn Kannada. Don't forget to bookmark this page.





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