Farsi Adjectives

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Farsi Adjectives

Learning the Farsi Adjectives is very important because its structure is used in every day conversation. The more you master it the more you get closer to mastering the Farsi language. But first we need to know what the role of Adjectives is in the structure of the grammar in Farsi.

Farsi Adjectives are words that describe or modify another person or thing in the sentence. Here are some examples:


Adjectives have only one form. They agree neither in gender (since Persian is a gender-neutral language) nor in number with the noun they modify.

Adjectives come after the noun and are related to it with the genitive particle «e» («ye» after all vowels but «i»):

  • pesar e xub — good boy

Adjectives can be modified by adverbs:

  • xâne ye bozorg — big house
  • xâne ye besyâr bozorg — very big house

Comparative form

·         The comparative form of an adjective is made by adding the suffix «-tar» to the end of the adjective:



bad (bad)

badtar (worse)

kam (little)

kamtar (less)

bozorg (big)

bozorgtar (bigger)

zibâ (beautiful)

zibâtar (more beautiful)

dustdâŝtani (lovable)

dustdâŝtanitar (more lovable)

English AdjectivesFarsi Adjectives
adjectivesṣefet hā - صفت ها
a green treederekhet sebez - درخت سبز
a tall buildingsākhetemān belened - ساختمان بلند
a very old manmered beseyār peyer - مرد بسیار پیر
the old red housekhāneh quedeyemey queremez - خانه قدیمی قرمز
a very nice frienddoset beseyār khob - دوست بسیار خوب

Notice the structure of the Adjectives in Farsi.

List of Adjectives in Farsi

Below is a list of the Adjectives, Colors, Shapes, Sizes in Farsi placed in a table. Memorizing this table will help you add very useful and important words to your Farsi vocabulary.

English AdjectivesFarsi Adjectives
colorsrenekehā - رنگها
blackseyāh - سیاه
blueābey - آبی
brownquehoh āy - قهوه ای
graykhākeseterey - خاکستری
greensebez - سبز
orangenārenejey - نارنجی
purpleāreghoāney - ارغوانی
redqueremez - قرمز
whitesefeyed - سفید
yellowzered - زرد
sizesānedāzeh hā - اندازه ها
bigbezerek - بزرگ
deep'emeyequ - عمیق
longderāz / kesheyedeh / ṭolāney - دراز / کشیده / طولانی
narrowbāreyek - باریک
shortkotāh - کوتاه
smallkochek - کوچک
tallqued belened - قد بلند
thickz̤ekheyem - ضخیم
thinnāzek - نازک
wideweseye' - وسیع
shapesāshekāl - اشکال
circulardāyereh - دایره
straightrāset - راست
squaremerebe' - مربع
triangularmes̱eles̱ - مثلث
tastesmezeh hā - مزه ها
bittertelekh - تلخ
freshtāzeh - تازه
saltyshor - شور
sourteresh - ترش
spicytened - تند
sweetsheyereyen - شیرین
qualitieskeyefeyet - کیفیت
badbed - بد
cleantemeyeze/pāk - تمیز/پاک
darktār / tāreyek - تار / تاریک
difficultdeshoār - دشوار
dirtykes̱eyef - کثیف
drykheshek - خشک
easysādeh - ساده
emptykhāley - خالی
expensivekerān - گران
fastsereye' - سریع
foreignkhārejey - خارجی
fullkāmel - کامل
goodkhob - خوب
hardsekhet / sefet - سخت / سفت
heavysenekeyen - سنگین
inexpensiveārezān - ارزان
lightsebek - سبک
localmeḥeley - محلی
newjedeyed - جدید
noisyper ser o ṣedā - پر سر و صدا
oldquedeyemey - قدیمی
powerfulquoy - قوی
quietsāket - ساکت
correctdereset - درست
slowkened - کند
softnerem - نرم
verybeseyār - بسیار
weakz̤e'eyef - ضعیف
wetmereṭob - مرطوب
wrongāshetebāh - اشتباه
youngjoān - جوان
quantitieskemeyet - کمیت
fewte'edād beseyār kem - تعداد بسیار کم
littlemequedār beseyār kem - مقدار بسیار کم
manyte'edād zeyādey - تعداد زیادی
muchmequedār zeyādey - مقدار زیادی
partbekhesh - بخش
somete'edādey / mequedārey - تعدادی / مقداری
a fewchened - چند
wholetemām - تمام

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