Egyptian Adverbs

If you're trying to learn Egyptian Adverbs you will find some useful resources including a course about Adverbs of time place manner and frequency... to help you with your Egyptian Arabic grammar. Try to concentrate on the lesson and notice the pattern that occurs each time the word changes its place. Also don't forget to check the rest of our other lessons listed on Learn Egyptian. Enjoy the rest of the lesson!

Egyptian Adverbs

Learning the Egyptian Adverbs is very important because its structure is used in every day conversation. The more you master it the more you get closer to mastering the Egyptian language. But first we need to know what the role of Adverbs is in the structure of the grammar in Egyptian.

Egyptian adverbs are part of speech. Generally they're words that modify any part of language other than a noun. Adverbs can modify verbs, adjectives (including numbers), clauses, sentences and other adverbs. In Egyptian an adverb is mostly translated with an adverb in the 4th declension like هو يتكلمم كثيراً عن ابنه Huwa yatakallam kathiiran 3an ibnihi (he speaks a lot about his son). Here are some examples:

English AdverbsEgyptian Adverbs
adverbsa7wal - أحوال
I read a book sometimesana be2ra ketab a7yanan - أنا بقـْرا كِتاب أحيانـًا
I will never smokeana mesh hadakhn abedan - أنا مِش هَدَخـْن أبدًا
are you alone?aneta lo7dak- eneti lwa7deke? - أنتَ لوحْدَك- إنتي لوَحْدِك؟

Notice the structure of the Adverbs in Egyptian.

List of Adverbs in Egyptian

Below is a list of the Adverbs of time place manner and frequency in Egyptian placed in a table. Memorizing this table will help you add very useful and important words to your Egyptian vocabulary.

English AdverbsEgyptian Adverbs
adverbs of timezeref zeman - ظرف زمان
yesterdayembare7 - إمْبارِح
todayalenahardaa - النــَّهارْدَة
tomorrowbokra - بـُكْرة
nowdelo2ti - دِلْوقـْتِي
thenbe3ed keda - بعد كِدة
laterba3din - بـَعْدِين
tonightalenahardaa balil - النــَّهارْدَة باليل
right nowdelo2ti - دِلْوقـْتِي
last nightalelila aleli fatet / emebare7 balelil - الليلة اللي فاتت/ إمبارح بالليل
this morningalenahareda alesobe7 - النــَّهاردة الصُّبح
next weekalasbo3 aleguai - الأسْبوع الجاي
alreadybalefe3el - بالفِعل
recentlymeؤkhera - مؤخرا
latelymeؤkhera - مؤخرا
soon2erib - قريب
immediately7alaan - حالاً
stilllesa - لسة
yetlesa - لسة
agomen + Time - من + Time
adverbs of placezeref mekan - ظرف مكان
herehena - هِنا
therehenak - هِناك
over therehenak - هِناك
everywherefi kel makan - في كل مَكان
anywherefi ai makan - في أي مَكان
nowhereola mekan / mesh fi ai mekan - ولا مكان / مش في اي مكان
homebit / waten - بـِيت / وَطن
awaybe3id -be3ida - بـِعِيد -بـِعِيدة
outbera - برة
adverbs of manner
veryguedan - 2oi - جـِدًا - قوي
quiteguedan - 2oi - جـِدًا - قوي
prettyguedan - 2oi - جـِدًا - قوي
reallybegued - بجد
fastseri3- seri3a - سريع- سريعة
wellkoois- koisa - كُويس- كويسة
hardse3eb- se3eba - صعب- صعبة
quicklybesore3a - بسُرعة
slowlybaleraa7a - بالرَّاحة
carefullybe7ezer - بحذر
hardlybale3afya - بالعافية
barelybale3afya - بالعافية
mostlyfi aleghaleb - في الغالب
almostte2eriba - تقريبا
absolutelybaletakid - بالتأكيد
togetherswa - سوا
alonelo7edi- lo7edak- lo7edeke... - لوحدي- لوحدَك- لوحدِك...
adverbs of frequency
alwaysdaiman - دايْمًا
frequentlyketir - كتير
usually3adan - عادًة
sometimesa7yanan - أحيانـًا
occasionallya7yanan - أحيانـًا
seldomnaderan - نادرًا
rarelynaderan - نادرًا
neverabadan- khales - أبدا- خالص

Adverbs of time place manner and frequency have a very important role in Egyptian. Once you're done with Egyptian Adverbs, you might want to check the rest of our Egyptian lessons here: Learn Egyptian. Don't forget to bookmark this page.





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