Berber Verbs

If you're trying to learn Berber Verbs you will find some useful resources including a course about Verbs in the present past and future tense... to help you with your Berber grammar. Try to concentrate on the lesson and notice the pattern that occurs each time the word changes its place. Also don't forget to check the rest of our other lessons listed on Learn Berber. Enjoy the rest of the lesson!

Berber Verbs

Learning the Berber Verbs is very important because its structure is used in every day conversation. The more you master it the more you get closer to mastering the Berber language. But first we need to know what the role of Verbs is in the structure of the grammar in Berber.

Berber verbs are words that convey action (bring, read, walk, run), or a state of being (exist, stand). In most languages a verb may agree with the person, gender, and/or number of some of its arguments, such as its subject, or object. Here are some examples:

English VerbsBerber Verbs
I spokelikhe sawalakhe - تحدثت
I wrotelikhe tarikhe - كتبت
I drove قدت
I lovedtough khssakh - كنت أحب
I gaveoushikhe - أعطيت
I smileddssakhe - ابتسمت
I tookissikhe - أخذت
he spokeissiwale - تحدث
he wroteyouri - كتب
he droveissouyour - قاد
he lovedikhasse - احب
he gaveقدم
he smiledidasse - ابتسم
he tookاخذ
we spokenassiwale - تكلمنا
we wrotenoury - كتبنا
we drovenouste - قدنا
we lovednkhasse - أحببنا
we gavenoushou - أعطينا
we smiledndasse - ابتسمنا
we tooknissy - اخذنا
I will speaksa dassiwlakhe - سوف أتكلم
I will writesa darikhe - سوف أكتب
I will drivesadsouyurakhe - سوف أقود
I will lovesa dakhssakhe - سوف أحب
I will givesa douchakhe - سوف أعطي
I will smilesa dassalhe - سوف أبتسم
I will takesa dissikhe - سوف آخذ
he will speaksa di siwale - سوف يتحدث
he will writesa diyanari - سوف يكتب
he will drivesa dissoyour - سوف يقود
he will lovesa dikhasse - سوف يحب
he will givesa diyoushe - سوف يعطي
he will smilesa didasse - سوف يبتسم
he will takesa dissy - سوف يأخذ
we will speaksa nassiwale - سوف نتكلم
we will writesa nari - سوف نكتب
we will drivesa nasoyour - سوف نقود
we will lovesa nkhasse - سوف نحب
we will givesa noushe - سوف نعطى
we will smilesa ndasse - سوف نبتسم
we will takesa nissy - سوف نأخذ
I speaklike sawalakhe - أنا أتكلم
I writelikhe tarikhe - أنا أكتب
I drivelokhe souyourakhe - أنا أقود
I lovelokhe khssakhe - انا أحب
I givelokhe titshakhe - اانا اعطى
I smilelokhe dassakhe - انا أبتسم
I takelikhe itssikhe - انا آخذ
he speaksilla issawale - يتكلم
he writesolla ittari - يكتب
he drivesilla issouyour - يقود
he lovesilla ykhasse - يحب
he givesilla ititashe - يعطي
he smilesilla idasse - يبتسم
he takesilla ittitssi - يأخذ
we speaknalla nassawale - نحن نتكلم
we writenalla nattary - ذحن نكتب
we drivenalla nassouyoure - نحن نقود
we lovenalla nkhasse - نحن نحب
we givenalla natitashe - نحن نعطي
we smilenalla ndasse - نحن نبتسم
we takenalla nitssy - نحن نأخذ

Notice the structure of the Verbs in Berber.

List of Verbs in Berber

Below is a list of the conjugated Verbs in the present past and future in Berber placed in a table. Memorizing this table will help you add very useful and important words to your Berber vocabulary.

English VerbsBerber Verbs
I can accept thatakhammake sadkablakhe ouyou - يمكن أن أقبل هذا
she added itizaydasse - وأضافته
we admit itnassane zisse - نحن نعترف بذلك
they advised himshnantide - وأشاروا عليه
I can agree with thatakhammake adassifatakhe ouyou - يمكنني أن أتفق مع هذا
she allows ittalla tkhasse ammane - انها تسمح بذلك
we announce itnalla nakkarre ammane - نحن نعلن ذلك
I can apologizeadkattakhe atlbakhe ammane adite tsamhade - يمكنني أن أعتذر
she appears todayakhammake assou - يبدو انها اليوم
they arranged thatlane chnane ayane - لقد رتبوا ذلك
I can arrive tomorrowadkattakhe atawdakhe ayatsha - يمكنني أن اصل غدا
she can ask himankatte asse nassane - تستطيع أن تسأله
she attaches thattalla tassawale disse - انها تعلق عليه
we attack themnalla nahjame khafssane - نحن نهاجمهم
they avoid herlane tjane anakhe - انهم يتجنبونها
I can bake itadkattakhe adasse mlakhe - يمكنني أن اخبزه
she is like himnattata ame natta - هي مثله
we beat itnalla niffisse - نحن نفوز عليه
they became happydhante dousbihane - أصبحوا سعداء
I can begin thatadkattakhe adabdikhe ayane - يمكنني ان ابدا ذلك
we borrowed moneynalla nardalte riyalate - نحن اقترضنا المال
they breathe airlanne tnaffsane lhawa - هم يتنفسون الهواء
I can bring itidakattakhe atide awyakhe - أستطيع ان اجلبه
I can build thatadkattakhe asse skakhe - استطيع ان ابنيه
she buys foodtalla tassaghte lamaashe - انها تشتري الغذاء
we calculate itnalla nhasbisse - نحن نحسبه
they carry itlane issinse - انهم يحملونه
they don't cheatkaae oultkdane - انهم لا يغشوا
she chooses himnatta takhtrasse - هى تختاره
we close itnalla ntakny - نحن نغلقه
he comes hereittaste lghalda - يأتي هنا
I can compare thatadkattakhe ankarane ayou - يمكنني مقارنة هذا
she competes with metalla tkattite - انها تتنافس معى
we complain about itnalla natbarra khfasse - نحن نشكو منه
they continued readinglanne kammlane tighry nssane - لقد واصلوا القراءة
he cried about thattoughe yille souynane - لقد بكى بسبب ذلك
I can decide nowadkattakhe - يمكنني أن تقرر الآن
she described it to metalla tamlite - لقد وصفت لى
we disagree about itounsfahame shaye oukkou - نختلف حول هذا الموضوع
they disappeared quicklyzwane fissae - لقد اختفوا بسرعة
I discovered thatabinanite ayane - اكتشفت أن
she dislikes thatoutallitghisse shaye - انها لا تحب أن
we do itnalla ntakke ammane - نحن نفعل ذلك
they dream about itlanne tirjitane souyane - يحلمون بذلك
I earnedاستحقيت
he eats a lotittate khire allah - انه يأكل الكثير
we enjoyed thatiajabakhte ayane - استمتعنا بذلك
they entered hereoutfante da - دخلوا هنا
he escaped thatirwale natta - هرب هو
I can explain thatadkaddakhe adasse shnakhe - أستطيع شرح ذلك
she feels that toonalla nhasse wala dnattata - تشعر أنها أيضا
we fled from therenarwalte soukouyane - هربنا من هناك
they will fly tomorrowsady farfarre ayatsha - سوف يطير غدا
I can follow yousadkattakhe ashnime tabakhe - يمكنني أن اتبعكم
she forgot meنستنى
we forgive himnalla nsamhasste - نحنن نغفر له
I can give her thatadkaddakhe adasse oushake ayane - يمكن أن أعطيها ذك
she goes theretkourre lghaldine - تذهب هناك
we greeted themnasiwdassante slame - نحن حياناهم
I hate thatoulkissakhe - أكرهه
I can hear itadkaddakhe aghrasse sallakhe - يمكنني أن اسمعه
she imagine thattalla tmatarre ammane - هى تتصور ذلك
we invited themnaardine - نحن دعوناهم
I know himsnakhsse - أنا أعرفه
she learned itsnakhsse zisse - تعلمت أنه
we leave nowsanazwa youdo - نرحل الآن
they lied about himkattbane khfasse - كذبوا عنه
I can listen to thatadkattakhe adsallakhe oukouyane - أستطيع الاستماع إلي ذلك
she lost thattakhssare - انها خسرت
we made it yesterdaynayyoute innate - لقد فعلناها بالامس
they met himzransse - لقد قابلوه
I misspell thatأنا أخطأت في تهجئة ذلك
I always praydzallikhe chra dasse - أصلي دائما
she prefers thattkhasse ayane - انها تفضل ذلك
we protected themnahdassansse - لقد حميناهم
they will punish hersastoutane - سوف يعاقبوها
I can put it thereadkattakhe as sarsakhe da - أستطيع وضعه هناك
she will read itsa stgharre - انها سوف تقرأه
we received thatnoufe ayane - تلقينا ذلك
they refuse to talkoulghissane adassiwlane - رفضوا التحدث
I remember thataaklakhe zisse - أتذكرها
she repeats thattalla taawade ayane - انها تكرر ذلك
we see itnatmatarsse - نراه
they sell itlane znoussansse - هم يبيعوه
I sent that yesterdayouznakhe ayane innate - أرسلت ذلك بالأمس
he shaved his beardihassane tmarte annasse - انه حلق لحيته
it shrunk quicklyانها تقلصت بسرعة
we will sing itسنقوم غبنائها
they sat therekimmane dine - جلسوا هناك
I can speak itadkattakhe azzisse siwlakhe - أستطيع التحدث بها
she spends moneytalla tassaghte - إنها تنفق المال
we suffered from thatnammoutarre - عانينا منه
they suggest thattabnite ame - فهي توحي أنها
I surprised himtsankhalaai - فاجئته
she took thatatane tissi ayane - لقد اخذت هذا
we teach itnalla nakkaisse - نحن ندرسه
they told usannayanakhte - قالوا لنا
she thanked himانها شكرته
I can think about itlikhe tfakkrakhe oukkouynane - أستطيع التفكير في الامر
she threw ittayrisse - إنها رمته
we understand thatnassane zisse - نحن نفهم ذلك
they want thatkhssane ammane - هم يريدون ذلك
I can wear itadkattakhe asse irdakhe - استطيع ان ارتديه
she writes thattalla tary ayane - انها تكتب ذلك
we talk about itnassawale sounouyane - نتحدث عن ذلك
they have itilla gharssane - انه لديهم
I watched ittammoutarre ayane - شاهدت ذلك
I will talk about itsadassiwlakhe souyane - ساتكلم عن هذا
he bought that yesterdaysghikhte ayane innate - اشترى هذا بالامس
we finished itnkammale ayane - انتهينا ذلك

Verbs in the present past and future tense have a very important role in Berber. Once you're done with the Tamazight Verbs, you might want to check the rest of our Berber lessons here: Learn Berber. Don't forget to bookmark this page.





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