Spanish Verbs

If you're trying to learn Spanish Verbs you will find some useful resources including a course about Verbs in the present past and future tense... to help you with your Spanish grammar. Try to concentrate on the lesson and notice the pattern that occurs each time the word changes its place. Also don't forget to check the rest of our other lessons listed on Learn Spanish. Enjoy the rest of the lesson!

Spanish Verbs

Learning the Spanish Verbs displayed below is vital to the language. Spanish verbs are words that convey action (bring, read, walk, run), or a state of being (exist, stand). In most languages a verb may agree with the person, gender, and/or number of some of its arguments, such as its subject, or object. Here are some examples:

English VerbsSpanish Verbs
I spokeHablé
I wroteEscribí
I droveManejé
I lovedMe encantó
I gaveDi
I smiledSonreí
I tookTomé
he spokehabló
he wroteescribió
he drovecondujo
he lovedamó
he gavedio
he smiledsonrió
he tooktomó
we spokehablamos
we wroteescribimos
we drovemanejamos
we lovedamamos
we gavedimos
we smiledsonreimos
we tooktomamos
I will speakhablaré
I will writeescribiré
I will drivemanejaré
I will loveAmaré
I will giveDaré
I will smilesonreiré
I will takeTomaré
he will speakhablará
he will writeescribirá
he will drivemanejará
he will lovele va a encantar
he will givedará
he will smilesonreirá
he will taketomará
we will speakhablaremos
we will writeescribiremos
we will drivenos dirigiremos
we will loveamaremos
we will givedaremos
we will smilesonreiremos
we will taketomaremos
I speakHablo
I writeEscribo
I driveConduzco
I loveMe encanta
I giveDoy
I smileSonrío
I taketomo
he speakshabla
he writesescribe
he drivesconduce
he lovesama
he givesda
he smilessonríe
he takestoma
we speakhablamos
we writeescribimos
we driveconducimos
we lovenos encanta
we givedamos
we smilesonreímos
we taketomamos

Notice the structure of the Verbs in Spanish.

List of Verbs in Spanish

Below is a list of the conjugated Verbs in the present past and future in Spanish placed in a table. Memorizing this table will help you add very useful and important words to your Spanish vocabulary.

English VerbsSpanish Verbs
I can accept thatpuedo aceptar eso
she added itse añadió
we admit itlo admitimos
they advised himle aconsejaron
I can agree with thatpuedo estar de acuerdo con eso
she allows itella lo permite
we announce itlo anunciamos
I can apologizepuedo pedir disculpas
she appears todayparece hoy o ella parece hoy
they arranged thatellos arreglaron que..o arreglaron que
I can arrive tomorrowPuedo llegar mañana
she can ask himella puede pedirle
she attaches thatella adjunto eso
we attack themlos atacamos
they avoid herellos la evitan
I can bake itPuedo hornear
she is like himella es como él
we beat itganamos
they became happyse convirtieron en felices
I can begin thatpuedo iniciar eso
we borrowed moneypedimos dinero prestado
they breathe airrespiran aire
I can bring itpuedo traerlo
I can build thatpuedo construirlo
she buys foodella compra alimentos
we calculate itlo calculamos
they carry itlo llevan
they don't cheatno hacen trampa
she chooses himella lo elige
we close itlo cerramos
he comes hereaquí viene
I can compare thatpuedo compararlo
she competes with meella compite conmigo
we complain about itnos quejamos de eso
they continued readingsiguieron leyendo
he cried about thatél lloró por eso
I can decide nowYo puedo decidir ahora
she described it to meella me lo describió
we disagree about itno estamos de acuerdo en ello
they disappeared quicklydesaparecieron rápidamente
I discovered thatDescubrí que
she dislikes thatno le gusta que
we do itlo hacemos
they dream about itellos sueñan con eso
I earnedObtuve
he eats a lotél come mucho
we enjoyed thatlo disfrutamos
they entered hereentraron aquí
he escaped thatel se escapó
I can explain thatpuedo explicarlo
she feels that tooella lo siente también
we fled from therehuimos de allí
they will fly tomorrowvolarán mañana
I can follow youpuedo seguirte
she forgot meella me olvidó
we forgive himlo perdonamos
I can give her thatyo puedo darle (a ella)
she goes thereella va allí
we greeted themLos saludamos
I hate thatodio eso
I can hear itpuedo escucharlo
she imagine thatella imagina eso
we invited themlos invitamos
I know himYo lo conozco
she learned itlo aprendió
we leave nownos vamos ahora
they lied about himmintieron sobre él
I can listen to thatpuedo escuchar eso
she lost thatlo perdió
we made it yesterdaylo hicimos ayer
they met himse encontraron con él
I misspell thatlo escribo mal
I always praySiempre rezo
she prefers thatella prefiere eso
we protected themlos protegemos
they will punish herla van a castigar
I can put it therelo puedo poner ahí
she will read itella lo va a leer
we received thatlo recibimos
they refuse to talkse niegan a hablar
I remember thatrecuerdo eso
she repeats thato repite eso
we see itlo vemos
they sell itlo venden
I sent that yesterdaylo envié ayer
he shaved his beardse afeitó la barba
it shrunk quicklyse redujo rápidamente
we will sing itvamos a cantar
they sat therese sentaron ahí
I can speak itPuedo hablar
she spends moneyella gasta dinero
we suffered from thatsufrimos por eso
they suggest thatsugieren que
I surprised himlo sorprendí
she took thatella tomó eso
we teach itlo enseñamos
they told usnos dijeron
she thanked himle agradeció
I can think about itPuedo pensar en ello
she threw itlo arrojó
we understand thatentendemos eso
they want thatellos quieren eso
I can wear itpuedo usar eso
she writes thatella escribe eso
we talk about ithablamos de eso
they have itla tienen
I watched itla vi
I will talk about itVoy a hablar de ello
he bought that yesterdaylo compró ayer
we finished itlo terminamos

Verbs in the present past and future tense have a very important role in Spanish. Once you're done with Spanish Verbs, you might want to check the rest of our Spanish lessons here: Learn Spanish. Don't forget to bookmark this page.





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