English Alphabet with Sound

The table below contains a list of the English alphabet with audio. To help you read and also hear the alphabet the way it is pronounced by a native, simply hover with your mouse over each image to listen to the pronunciation. You can also listen to the whole audio by pressing the play button on the audio player below. You can check our Learn English page for other lessons.

English Alphabet
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English Alphabet
[a] [b] [c] [d] [e] [f] [g]
[h] [i] [j] [k] [l] [m] [n]
[o] [p] [q] [r] [s] [t] [u]
[v] [w] [x] [y] [z]

We hope you enjoyed learning the English alphabet. You can also visit our Learn English page for other grammar and vocabulary lessons.


Troublshooting: If you hover your mouse over a word but you can't hear it or if the words are cut off, follow these steps: (1) Refresh the page and try again, or (2) simply press the "play" button on top to hear the whole audio.