Hebrew Articles

If you're trying to learn Hebrew Articles you will find some useful resources including a course about Definite and Indefinite Articles... to help you with your Hebrew grammar. Try to concentrate on the lesson and notice the pattern that occurs each time the word changes its place. Also don't forget to check the rest of our other lessons listed on Learn Hebrew. Enjoy the rest of the lesson!

Hebrew Articles

Learning the Hebrew Articles displayed below is vital to the language. Hebrew articles are words that combine with a noun to indicate the type of reference being made by the noun. Generally articles specify the grammatical definiteness of the noun. Examples are "the, a, and an". Here are some examples:

English ArticlesHebrew Articles
articlesmeylot eyẖes oẖeyvor - מילות יחס וחיבור
theh - ה
ah - ה
oneaẖeḏ - אחד
somekhemeh - כמה
fewme'eṭeym - מעטים
the bookhesefer - הספר
the bookshesefereym - הספרים
a booksefer - ספר
one booksefer aẖeḏ - ספר אחד
some bookskhemeh sefereym - כמה ספרים
few bookskhemeh sefereym - כמה ספרים

Notice the structure of the Articles in Hebrew.

List of Articles in Hebrew

Below is a list of vocabulary where you can use the Definite and Indefinite Articles in Hebrew. Try to practice but also memorizing this table will help you add very useful and important words to your Hebrew vocabulary.

English VocabularyHebrew Vocabulary
Foodmezon - מזון
almondsshekeḏeym - שקדים
breadleẖem - לחם
breakfastaroẖet voker - ארוחת בוקר
butterẖemeah - חמאה
candymemetekeym - ממתקים
cheesegueveyneh - גבינה
chicken'of - עוף
cuminkhemon - כמון
dessertkeynoẖ - קינוח
dinneraroẖet 'erev - ארוחת ערב
fishḏegue - דג
fruitferey - פרי
ice creamgueleyḏeh - גלידה
lambṭeleh - טלה
lemonleymon - לימון
luncharoẖet tsehereyeym - ארוחת צהריים
mealaroẖeh - ארוחה
meatvesher - בשר
oventenor - תנור
pepperfelefel - פלפל
plantstsemeẖeym - צמחים
porkẖezeyr - חזיר
saladseleṭ - סלט
saltmeleẖ - מלח
sandwichkhereykh - כריך
sausagenekeneyk - נקניק
soupmerek - מרק
sugarsokher - סוכר
supperaroẖet 'erev - ארוחת ערב
turkeyhoḏo - הודו
appletefoẖ - תפוח
bananaveneneh - בננה
orangestefozeym - תפוזים
peachesaferesekeym - אפרסקים
peanutvoṭeneym - בוטנים
pearsagueseym - אגסים
pineappleanenes - אננס
grapes'eneveym - ענבים
strawberriestoteym - תותים
vegetableseyrekot - ירקות
carrotguezer - גזר
cornteyres - תירס
cucumbermelefefon - מלפפון
garlicshom - שום
lettuceẖeseh - חסה
oliveszeyteym - זיתים
onionsvetsel - בצל
peppersfelefeleym - פלפלים
potatoestefoẖey aḏemeh - תפוחי אדמה
pumpkinḏele'et - דלעת
beansshe'o'eyt - שעועית
tomatoes'egueveneyot - עגבניות

Definite and Indefinite Articles have a very important role in Hebrew. Once you're done with Hebrew Articles, you might want to check the rest of our Hebrew lessons here: Learn Hebrew. Don't forget to bookmark this page.





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